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  1. Maybe I should have stated this right up front. I won a contest. My choice of one of those two devices. Bell will be calling me soon to chose and to setup the device. I think I've chosen the Q. The Treo has some great features but the Q seems closer to what I need. No touchscreen but the navigation sounds like I could get used to it. The Treo won't do me any good if it is picky about sofware compatibility. Thanks for your help, smeg! :rolleyes:
  2. We don't have Sprint here in Canada. And my only two choices are the Q & 700wx. The 240x240 screen might be a problem? Not cool. The more I research and ask the more indecisive I become. It sounds like the Treo is the better phone of the two but it sounds like the Q is closer to my iPaq.
  3. I currently have a cheap Nokia older model phone and a four year old iPaq (PPC2003) that doesn't have Bluetooth or 802.11. I currently am trying to choose between a Palm Treo 700wx and a Motorola Q. These are the only two options I have. I'm pretty sure I will only be using it for voice and then the PDA features. I see the Q doesn't have a touchscreen & stylus but it has the larger screen. The 700wx has a smaller screen but has a touchscreen & stylus and will accept my SD cards. I'm looking for those features I've mentioned but I'm also looking for an easy transition from my iPaq 3950. Will the software I use on my PocketPC 2003 OS be compatible with these phones or will that depend on the software? I don't know which to go with... Does anyone have any advice for me? Thanks much!
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