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  1. trust me on this one. get a good second hand hd2 :P i have mine for a month now and its sooooo much better in each and every way compared to the omnia! i only miss the qwerty :( everything works like its supposed to and on top of that android/winmo dualboot works awesome...and it just keeps gettin better and better :)
  2. dude, thnx a bunch! :angry: request to daskalos: maybe you could edit in one of your first posts what version of CSC/PHONE you are using?
  3. well, i have downloaded easy set s3clock from the forum.. but havent found advance config. can someone post a cab ? thnx
  4. i must be retarded, because i can not find advance config in megalite rom? and also no easy set s3clock :angry:
  5. omg that looked amazing! how bout batt drainage ?
  6. hi daskalos, thnx for all of you efforts! could you please share what eboot and csc you're using ? thnx!
  7. no need to delete the topic. please share with us what you did to fix it :(
  8. when in need i dial *#0-# and select megacam...a shortcut would be great tho. edit: should be *#0*#
  9. Since your hybrid 2.8 is already quite brilliant, when can we expect an megalite hybrid rom, oh great Daskalos ;)
  10. [hint]I bet it would be awesome to have HTC's Sense 2.5 in combination with this rom...[hint/] ;) no seriously, have you thought about it?
  11. no needs for apologies whatsoever!! youre doing a great job and youre doing it for free :mellow: really appreciate your input :( can i ask what csc pda and phone you are using?
  12. KLmun started another topic, but ill post it in this one anyways... He was right about the sleeping beuaty problem. I just tried to reboot mine but it got stuck at windows phone wallpaper. its the first time in a whole day of rebooting so i dont really mind, but i thought id let you all know oh and daskalos thnx for the answer on the xbutton issue...but my question was how to remove battery icon from taskbar <_<
  13. x2 :mellow: only here (b7610) the map search does work.. -edit- can you share the patch please ? <_<
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