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    Reset Call Times

    Hi, Thanks for that. It enables me to reset recent calls only, all calls timer stays put. Drop down only covers call history. At least I can reset the phone each month now though. Ian
  2. Hi All, Anyone know how to reset the call counters to zero? O2 XDAII running W2003SE if it's relevant. Thanks for any help. Ian
  3. Hi, Glad you got it working.... I don't use voice-dialling but according to the HBH userguide you press the button on the headset as though answering a call and then voice-dial as you would with the handset. Let me know if this works as it's something I'd lke to get working in the near future. Cheers
  4. According to the M1000 User Guide (page12) it's shown on your home page ie the one that shows any missed calls etc. The procedure for turning on is select BT icon at bottom of home page and choose on and OK, then select BT headset enabled on home page, then turn on HBH-35 and it should connect and you're away. HTH
  5. Did you set it up as your Headset Profile when pairing? Do you enable BT headset when you activate BT? My 35 works fine with the XDAII.....
  6. www.sonofon.dk -> index -> G -> GPRS takes you to two items. Looks like you have to register but as I can't read Danish that's as far as I got. HTH Ian
  7. bonehead

    Can't set email on E200

    I've done all that which is exactly why I'm posting here. The supposed Email Wizard that should be under the Orange menu on the phone doesn't appear. I've scrolled through the Windows folder and have found some files marked as email.xml and some .bmp files which I assume are the files I need to run. How do I run these files? Thanks Ian
  8. Hi all, First post and I've done the usual search but found nothing that matches what I need. I've tried to find where to set up my email settings on the phone. Supposed to be under Orange > Email Wiz but there's nothing there! The files are in the Windows folder but how do I run them so I can set up my mail? Any help appreciated Ian

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