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  2. kelv23

    HTC warranty woes

    Had my One X for about 9 months now, dropped it a while back which cracked the corner of the screen. Nothing so serious that I cant use it. Over the past 2 months it has developed the dreaded WiFi issue where it connects if youre next to the router but as soon as you go out the room it either drops out or goes to the dot at the bottom of the signal indicator, give it a squeeze in the right place and it goes full strength. Got fed up with it so sent it for repair at P4U. Got a call saying it couldnt be fixed without repairing the screen first as it renders it out of warranty and at a cost for £59.99 plus VAT. I contacted HTC and they said the same, cracked screen = no warranty. If I want to get it fixed I have no choice. Im disappointed with HTC as the phone gets red hot, the battery is rubbish with light use plus it has the WiFi issue that they have acknowledged is a fault with some phones. Doubt I'll bother with HTC again as they just dont seem bothered about customer service.
  3. Looks like this is it https://play.google....XJpc2hndHgiXQ..
  4. kelv23

    Arnova 7h G3

    Bought my nipper one of these for Xmas for his first tablet, lucky boy. As its already rooted Ive been getting itchy fingers for trying different ROMs on it but as its not mine Im looking for any useful info before I brick it for him. :D Does anyone have any suggestions for any ROMs that will run OK on it? Runs an ARM A8 processor with 512MB RAm as far as I remember. While Im at it Netflix app gets stuck buffering if anyone has any ideas for a solution as this is sort of what it was bought for.
  5. kelv23

    SIM Unlock?

    Wifeys going back home for a few weeks and is taking her One X. Does anyone know of they are SIM Locked/Unlocked as standard? She's on Orange BTW. Tar
  6. kelv23

    Local Backup

    Much obliged, looks like I'll be booting up the Windows partition for the first time in weeks.
  7. kelv23

    Local Backup

    Is there a way of creating a full local backup on the One X/Android? I know theres a few apps that will do it but I havent rooted yet and I want a local backup as well as a cloud
  8. kelv23

    Thai language support

    awesome, just what I was looking for. I installed Go Keyboard on my One X which showed Thai script so this is ideal,changes most of the system which is what she likes even though she can read English. Have to wait til she comes home to change it back to English, my Thai reading skills suck.
  9. Bought myself a nice new shiny One X and now the wife wants one, problem is that she will want/need Thai script/input as in full system locale not just something like Anysoftkeyboard. This is what I did before to her Wildfire http://www.modaco.com/topic/320735-thai-font/page__p__1451706#entry1451706 Anyone know if you can do something similar with ICS? Tar
  10. kelv23

    Thai Font

    Ok Ive just solved this and got the Thai fonts running on a UK HTC Wildfire First I put it into recovery mode as for some reason when rooted the Wildfire doesnt allow full read/write Then I followed this tutorial I uncovered Thai Fonts To Android Rebooted and had Thai script on webpages etc
  11. kelv23

    Thai Font

    Bought the wife a Wildfire and as shes Thai expected me to be able to get the Thai font working. Ive tried http://ismint.blogspot.com/2009/08/how-to-...in-your-g1.html and a few others with no luck. Has anyone managed to get Thai on a wildfire? Thanks
  12. Ive been out of smartphones for a few years as Ive been travelling all over the place. Im now settling back in the UK and Im on the hunt for a phone. Requirements are GPS built in as I will need some sort of SatNav app or maps and nothing thats on a 2 year contract. Any suggestions and pointers as to whats happened over the past few years would be welcomed. :)
  13. could do if i get my hands on the rom.anyone know where?
  14. Ive tried them,also the settings for the the xda iq which is supposed to be the same but still no joy. If anyone is using a C600 on O2 please get in touch.thanks
  15. Ive just switched from orange to O2 using my (t)rusty C600. Does anyone have the setting for GPRS to use a C600 on O2? The CS guy was a bit puzzled about what phone I was using so Im hoping he might be wrong when he said its not compatible. If anyones using a C600 on O2 can you get back to me please? Thanks

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