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  1. Jessy

    Registry Customization

    Well, just bored so I thought I'd post some of the modification I've made to my Q; Fist thing on the list was to "Application Unlock" the phone... With any Windows Mobile phone a Registry Editor is a must, I use Resco... but there are others that are free... just google PHM registry editor... To Unlock the Q the following resgistry changes are neccassary: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\Policies\Policies0001001 = 2 -> Change the value data from 2 to 1 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\Policies\Policies0001005 = 16 -> Change the value data from 16 to 40 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\Policies\Policies0001017 = 128 -> Change the value data from 128 to 144 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \Security\Policies\Policies -> Add new value "0000101b": Dword = 1[/codebox] The following changes will improve the performance slightly on your Q: [codebox]1) Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\GDI\GLYPHCACHE -> change limit from 16384 to 32768 2) Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\STORAGEMANAGER\FATFS -> change cachesize to 4096 Next I want to change how Internet Explorer is reconized: 1) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\5.0\User Agent\ ->Change the default value to "Mozilla/4.0". ->Change the "Version" value to "MSIE 6.0". [/codebox] Next I like to enable flash on my Q: You will need to download the attached files, [codebox] 1) Copy all.reg to your device and export the registry settings, 2) Copy the files to the correct pathes on your device, 3) Overwrite the "flash.dll" file with the original in "Windows\Macromedia\" directory on your device, 4) Copy "regsvrce.exe" to your device and register the .dll file in your "Windows\Macromedia\flash.dll" directory, 5) Overwrite the file "flash.dll" in "Windows\Macromedia\" directory... your mobile browser will now support Flash...! Programs I like for my Q, TCPMP - allows me to view tons of media files, I have been ripping movies to mpg formate to view on my Q.. I currently have the movie 300 on my SD card at about 300mb... you can even view divx files... Vieka WordPad - Powerful text editor for your SP... Resco Explorer - Powerful suite of programs, a nice file explorer and Registry editor... even supports .zip files, compression and encryption... and an ftp plugin... Facade - Awsome Homescreen plug-in, allows you to launch porograms directly from you HS plus tons of other cool stuff... needed for most homescreens created here in the forum... PocketNesterPlus - The best Nintendo emulator for your sp... Play all the classics, I think I like this one best... DoomCE- Doom for you sp, what more can I say... If anyone else has some cool programs or something else they would like to share please do... SPFlashHack.rar
  2. Jessy


    Did you move both "QphonePA" Folder and "QphonePA.skn" to the phoneAlarm directory...? Fixed: There was a typo in the .skn file, here is the updated file. QPhonePA.rar
  3. Jessy

    Need help with Moto Q

    Are you using the Homescreen version that requires the "Orange Plugin"...? If you do not have the plugin use the "fish" version and if all plugins are installed ( phoneAlarm, SmartMonitor, RJTime, Facade and the Font Installer ) it should work...
  4. Jessy


    Here is another iphone Theme, Originated from waltzb's myphone theme ( This is not my Skin, I just edited it to work better on my Q )... Shortcuts link to directories found on the Q or to plugins attached. Everything should work great on the Q, but... post any errors you may find... INSTALL: First install all plugins attached, copy contents of "PA" File to "Program Files\ phoneAlarm" dirctory. then copy reset buttons ( reset.jpg and reset2.jpg ) to "Program Files\Facade\Skins\Standard" You will need to rename or remove the original "reset.tga" File for the new icon to show properly. Copy "Qphone" File and "QPhone.home.xml" to "Windows\Application Data\Home" directory. and finaly copy QPhone.home.xml.reg any where on your device and export the registry settings to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Home" (This registry setting will give you the black color scheme but is not needed for the skin to work) Qphone.zip Plug_Ins.zip
  5. Jessy

    Flash Player

    Browsing-Web-MS-Smartphone chech this link out...
  6. I have Opera Mobile , Flash Lite and TCPMP Installed on my Moto Q. I have made changes to my "opera.ini" to set file types to be opened with these programs, although this works great with streaming video and audio files I have not been able to view flash. Here is what I edited in my opera.ini file [File Types Extension] application/mheg=,0 application/rstl=,0 application/sdp=,0 application/x-shockwave-flash=,0 application/futuresplash=,0 [File Types] application/sdp=3,\Program Files\TCPMP\player.exe,,,sdp,| application/mheg=3,\Program Files\TCPMP\player.exe,,,mheg,| application/rstl=3,\Program Files\TCPMP\player.exe,,,rstl,| audio/x-ms-wax=3,\Program Files\TCPMP\player.exe,,,wma,| audio/x-mpegurl=3,\Program Files\TCPMP\player.exe,,,m3u,| audio/x-scpls=3,\Program Files\TCPMP\player.exe,,,pls,| video/x-ms-asf=3,\Program Files\TCPMP\player.exe,,,asf,asx,| video/x-ms-wvx=3,\Program Files\TCPMP\player.exe,,,wvx,| video/x-mpegurl=3,\Program Files\TCPMP\player.exe,,,m3u,m4u| application/x-shockwave-flash=3,\Program Files\Adobe\FlashLite\saplaywm.exe,,,swf,| application/futuresplash=3,\Program Files\Adobe\FlashLite\saplaywm.exe,,,spl,| video/x-flv=3,\Program Files\Adobe\FlashLite\saplaywm.exe,,,flv,| [/codebox] After reading a post by Menneisyys and following the steps given I am able to view flash content on web pages, I have not been able to play any flash files and have a hard time navigating in Opera, even in image mode. Now after or before doing this "Flash Hack" should I have removed Flash Lite and the changes I made in the opera.ini, Is this going to conflict with what I've done? Any help getting Opera running to its full potential on my SP will be greatly appreciated, as I am still learning... Thank you in advance...
  7. GSM-Technology seems to have a "BACKUP" utility available... Is this not illegal though, even if it's your own sim card...? Like coping dvd's and such are you allowed a backup...? SIM cloning consists of (often illegally) duplicating the GSM Subscriber Identity Module (a SIM card must be entered into a GSM phone in order for it to connect to a network, except for the basic GSM emergency 112 calls or local emergency calls (like emergency 911 calls for the United States) identification and placing calls or using other charged services using the account of the cloned SIM. In the early 1990s, due to poor security, cloning was more common than it is today. Cloning has now been rendered more challenging technically (as physical access to the SIM card is required as opposed to simply being within radio reach). SIM cloning is now more difficult to perform, as merely duplicating the contents of the SIM does not enable a duplicate SIM to operate, as the SIM itself performs security operations on the data contained inside to avoid such copying. In order to function, the cloned SIM needs to perform security operations on the data contained, just like the 'original' one. SIM cloning is a great concern of security/police services as it renders GSM location-based service (LBS) unreliable if more than one handset is using the same SIM. In the movie The Bourne Supremacy, the main character clones a SIM card to enable him to impersonate a foreign agent. It is widely held that actually cloning a SIM could not be accomplished as quickly as it was in the film. Real time for extracting KI from a SIM card is approximately 4-8 hours. There is 40% probability of damaging the card in the process. Additional problems are that the attacker must know the SIM Card's PIN(CHV1). Cracking Ki by overhearing radio GSM traffic is difficult but not impossible. In many countries GSM traffic is not encrypted thus with proper equipment (although this equipment is very expensive and not available for everybody) a hacker could overhear GSM traffic and clone SIMs. The security has been improved with the newer generation of SIM cards to be used with 3GSM networks, known as USIMs. The new specification implements a new publicly announced algorithm (the KASUMI algorithm).
  8. Letters and symbols... hmm... what program are you using...? My carrier is Sprint and I send text messages through Outlook, I just enter the area code then number. Now entering codes for other countries... I would not know how that works... Example: 8085551234
  9. Jessy

    Flash Player

    Flash Lite unrar tgetfile lots of good stuff here, just search the forums...
  10. Jessy

    Opera Mini

    Hello, I am trying to install Opera Mini to my Moto Q, I was not able to install "over the air" so I downloaded two files (opera-mini-advanced.jad and opera-mini-advanced.jar). directions are: "Transfer these files to your phone, and install them according to your phone's installation procedure:".... what is the correct procedure for instaling these files...? Thanks in advance for any help given...
  11. Jessy

    Pocketnesterplus roms?

  12. I've been playing with settings for three days now and the furthest I've gotten is half a screen and this is with the earlier versions, the newest port attached will not load the game... After reading all the posts on this subject I am convinced this port of Duke will not run on a Motorola Q... Is there something I can do...? Doom runs flawlessly... Ps: Thanks for all the wonderful ports roozbeh, The more time I spend in this forum the more I realize I made a poor decision when getting a Moto Q...
  13. This is the only 3D shooter game I can get to work on my Moto Q... This port is really good the buttons work well for me, sometimes I wish I could jump though... I wish Duke, Wolf and Quake would work for me like Doom does... :)
  14. 7 is to shoot and I use space to open doors... The versions of Doom from roozbeh are much better though...

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