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  1. After I installed SPB Mobile Shell and SPB Phone Suite there is now a Lock / Unlock icon that I can add to the Today screen. I'm not sure which program put it there ;-) Also I remember seeing a freeware program but I don't recall the name.
  2. I have the 3.05 ROM and no problems with letters getting dropped when typing quickly.
  3. I like it :P It works great with the S710 in both modes. Awasone :)
  4. With the MPx200 the signal strength can vary significantly in just a few inches. In my office I have full strength in one spot and not two steps away I have no signal at all. I could easily see a case where you put the phone in a spot (maybe on it's side) where there was no signal just in that area. In less than an hour your phone will be dead as a door knob.
  5. I think it's a little out there to say MS has monopolized the cell phone OS market. I mean do they even have 10% market share? I think you could say that about Symbian, but not SmartPhone 2002…
  6. Both MSMobiles and MPX200.org have seen the 2003 upgrade. Before MPX200.org melted down the posted very specific information about the 2003 upgrade including all the version information in Settings --> About. The upgrade was provided by AT&T at the Mobile Developer Conference in San Franciso. Given the wide circulation of this information I'd say it's accurate.
  7. They did finally erase the cards. But it took a bulk eraser to do it. That is, your regular every day magnet won't be strong enough to wipe the card. And you have to move the card along the magnetic field to disorient the polarity. Just putting the card up against a big magnet won't swipe the card either. They tried to erase the cards with the magnetic money clips but that didn't work -- the gauss needed to erase the cards just isn’t there with the money-clip strength magnets. So I guess the bottom line is unless you can pick up big chunks of metal with your MPx200 you don't need to worry about the magnet.
  8. Did you put your non-AT&T SIM in the phone? It sounds like that SIM has a password on it too. I put a password on my SIM and I have to enter that PIN every time I power on the phone. (Just an extra safety step beyond locking the phone....)
  9. Yes!! I've done it several times to three different MPx200's. Once unlocked they stay that way :)
  10. I'm trying to get MetroSP to work on the MPx200. So far it's worked once. I unziped the files and copied them to the MPx. Then I ran MetroSP. The next time I tried to run MetroSP it never launched! I looked in task manager and there is a MetroSP.exe running but I can't switch to it :) Anyone have any suggestions? TIA!
  11. For another opinion take a look over at the post on MPx200.org Krusell Review at MPx200.org There are two (minor) drawbacks to this case. 1) It makes the phone rather WIDE with the belt clip. The phone used to be small enough to slip into a pocket. Not with the belt clip attached! 2) The really nifty sync cradle is now useless. I have 2 of them (one for work, one for home) and now I don't use them.
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