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  1. so they're not even donations then, just free price :( what's the big deal ? he created a service (rom download), he wants money for it. I don't use it, but that's fine to me.
  2. Compass is hardware made by samsung, they don't want money for its API but yet you use that to get donations. Ok you made a GUI for it but it's not a big thing. How disgusting !! :( It's not a problem to offer paid services. If you don't like to pay (or get paid ?), don't use it but don't discourage people from releasing non-free stuff please.
  3. Got the same problem =) Tried to build without LZX but got an error in buildos : File not found (I clicked OK on that msgbox before I took the screenshot) :-/
  4. Thanks dude. The 1st link still takes me to the home page though =D But the 2nd one did the job, gonna try to build an ultra-lite when I find free time !
  5. nop, looks really nice, but 6.1.. I wouldn't stand clicking on top-left anymore :(
  6. Brings me to www.modaco.com :( Where is the new version ? Thanks :(
  7. Couldn't see any ultralite from him. Am I wrong ?
  8. Hi, nice move already !! Won't you make a real ultralite without samsung stuff / customizations ? =)
  9. sell it via paypal ? how do you handle this for HD2 version ?
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