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  1. Here is some footage of the latest release of FPSECE running on an HD2. In only 3 days this video has more then 6500 views: However only about 20 people have bothered to rate it or comment. It is still getting top rated under Science and Technology though so here is a call for help... if you have a youtube account please rate the vid. Im fed up of seeing iToy crap all over Science and Technology... lets show them what its all really about... come on guys! This software is free and can more info can be found over at fpsece.net
  2. Games featured here are: Tekken 3 Street Fighter Alpha 3 Time Crisis Wipeout XL Grand Theft Auto 2 Hope you guys enjoy it! Please leave your comments on youtube. This video showcases some of the true power of gaming available on the HTC HD2... show your support!!!
  3. the ini file is definately in the fpsece folder... it is called fpse.ini... search for it! you need to add in the follwing line under [PocketPc] section to fix your issue with delay: HD2=1
  4. Is this getting sent out automatically to donators? Last mail i recieved from Schtruck was on wednesday 6th Jan is this new version with HD2 gsensor support?
  5. havent seen this myself... but i dont play alot of music with this device so it could just be that i havent noticed. If it occurs for me i will post back in here.
  6. lol... just discovered that the manual option IS vailable in the sense gui... you just have to untick the box that says sync automatically... doh!
  7. Also Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: http://store.handmark.com/products/detail....&&&
  8. Another one that i have tried and tested is Tiger Woods PGA 09: http://store.handmark.com/p/35047/Tiger-Wo...ile-Pocket-PC/-
  9. Its in the first post of the first sticky of XDA forums for Leo: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=583638 Tip number 25... Allow Audio Booster to stay on.
  10. Havent tried one yet myself... im actually waiting for HTC to release theirs... should be soon i reckon.
  11. I wouldnt call it roundabout... its more like straight to the damn point! There are actually a few apps out there that can handle rotation for you automatically. I have started to use gyrator myself. The problem with gyrator though is you can only add new classes if you take your stylus out... open the app then replace the stylus. The Leo doesnt have a stylus which prompted me to find the reg keys needed and hence this tutorial. I havent tried the app you have linked as i already had the means to carry out all of its functions before makeveral edited his post from "coming soon" to actually releasing his product. In fact... i think i wrote this tutorial before it came out also. It looks good though... try it out!
  12. I said this works fine on mine but you are correct... you have to do this via original WM activesync... within sense there is no manual option... bit of a cock up there by HTC if you ask me! (although it doesnt matter too much...) One other thing i have noticed that after setting up activesync via WM, HTC sense doesnt recognise that a relationship has been setup already... After configuring activesync via winmo you go to start->settings data services->activesync and the process of setting up an activesync connection is still available. This makes me wonder what would happen if i tried to setup another account this way.... i may try it in future.
  13. You need to change the Device ID linked to your My Tom Tom account. Raise a support issue with Tom Tom and they will do it for you. You were able to do this yourself before they changed their website.
  14. neither is mine man which is why i havent flashed it (yet!) I think this "new" ROM is just the latest version of what is currently being shipped worldwide. There is no update posted on HTC website just yet so when that happens i think whatever they post will have bug fixes.
  15. I agree with alot of what you have said but personally i dont feel there is any need to defend the HD2. It speaks for itself mate... there is no other handheld currently on the market that comes close... end of. People will always pick holes in any device.... this is because NO device is perfect. However... after a few essentials tweaks, my HD2 is near enough the machine i have been waiting for for a long long time.
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