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  1. I have this problem with my i600 too. Now my i600 has a bricked phone function. EXACT same situation
  2. I still have my 2 BlackBerry. I thought it would be good to switch to the i600/i607 because of its media capabilities and A2DP. Actually it's more like the BlackBerry was good but doesn't mean I was happy, content and they were still missing some features I wanted. So I got the i600 & i607, unknown of that fact that it misses so many basic functionalities as well as advance ones. I'm sure I'm not the only one and there's numerous people out there as well. WM6 addresses some (yes, just some) of the missing functionalities (both basic and advance ones) of WM5. That will already help out a bit of our mobile productivity than the situation now. That is the exact reason why a lot of other people want that upgrade as well The fact that it's missing SO MANY should-have-been-built-in features, not just the few ones I've talked about, makes the i600 and i607 in need of much support updates from Samsung. 3rd party software doesn't resolve everything. Very few are good and many have their own software problems in stability, performance and in many other categories. Not everyone likes to spend money on 3rd party software features that should have been there built-in in the first place in the operating system. 3rd party software - in many case are overpriced as well. BlackBerry's, all the Nokia S40, S60 and many other Sony Ericsson basic and smartphones can do all the stuff I ask. But not many come in same form factor at the same time, with media capabilities and A2DP and many other features together... etc. With RIM, Nokia and Sony Ericsson, they always continue to roll out official updates periodically to support its users. Just not Samsung, as these companies understand that 3rd party software doesn't resolve everything. Those companies know best that very few 3rd party software are good and many have their own software problems in stability, performance and in many other categories as well. Us? We have to rely on Samsung rom leaks only. Pathetic on Samsung's technical support part. Ouch for us! Just the simple truth.
  3. For your snooping information, Germany for my i600, US for my i607 (Blackjack). Like many other people, I bought this so-called "smartphone" full price hoping it would to do more than a basic dial & call phone and allow better mobile productivity than my 2 BlackBerry, but don't really anticipate the fact both the i600 and Blackjack would come and cannot even do basic features like adding 1-800-HELP to the contact phone book and dailing it and many other basic functionality, or missing more advance features like, email content searching and so many others. Okay, you can say they are not advertized. Even if advance features are omitted, the basic features are expected by everyone to exist in the phones. Had we all know that, the i600 and Blackjack would be more questionable (in a negative way) in purchasing decision (compared to the competitors). You read my mind exactly, but I guess SOME people just don't understand what we're all trying to say to him nor will even listen/read carefully.
  4. Orcinus, Looks like someone didn't search the internet well enough... Heck, even other members can see that Samsung Sweden announced WM6 to come out in June. Also check out: http://msmobiles.com/news.php/6375.html. They mentioned Samsung Europe's reply in May, that Samsung is going to release the Windows Mobile 6 upgrade. Stop trying to protect Samsung like a fan boy. What we all know now is that Samsung has failed to deliver what they promised, despite of coming up with a nice handheld (hardware~form-wise). Software wise, it's missing lots of features in WM5 and need a lot of work there. A software upgrade would greatly help it. And they (Samsung) haven't done that to help its users. And you mentioned so much about installing all those 3rd party applications. A smartphone shouldn't even need all those softwares from other vendors. That is just like buy a car and buying the airbags separately and then the dashboard display. They should have it all working for the user in the first place. Heck, right now it can't do letter dailing and so many other basic stuff, which is pathetic.
  5. actually, the replies from Samsung Gemany were not rumors, people actually e-mailed Samsung asking about the future of the Windows Mobile updates specifically for i600 and the Samsung Germany even provided along the download URL and appoximately when it be available and when the AT&T update would also be announed to be available (June) for all devices. Also 3rd party support for those sorely missed out essential basic features wil never be like a Windows Mobile 6 built-in support (from update), no matter how many applications you install to improve your devices to get features like cut/copy/paste, HTML email, Java and many other sorely features...
  6. Gotta thank Samsung for announcing they were going to release Windows Mobile 6 for i600 users (go google the article, it's all over the internet) and then SCREWing (that's right!) all of us over, after months of waiting. Gotta applaud them for having the guts to do that. Windows Mobile 5 doesn't even have the basic features like letter dailing (1-800-HELP), or basic smartphone features like cut, copy, paste or let alone Java in its operating system. This is a failure considering that it's in BlackBerry smartphones for so long and the i600 & Blackjack are supposed to compete like BlackBerry killers. Don't even get me started with the arrival of Office editors and HTML email in WM6, both features that are sorely missing in the 5. Not bring Windows Mobile 6 update to one of the "supposedly" best smartphone and supporting its users to establish user loyalty - big mistake. I guess I finally learnt the lesson of why the aftermarket support of Samsung sucks in comparison to brands. I should have listened to other people whose experienced the same Samsung joke before purchasing the Blackjack and i600. Heck, even HTC is rolling out all the Windows Mobile 6 updates for their devices (T-Mobile Dash?), and even Quanta Computer is providing the O2 Xda Zinc with Windows Mobile 6 update as well. Thanks for everything, Samsung! I love the fact that I somewhat waste my money on Blackjack and SGH-i600 and I haven't gained that much from ditching my BlackBerry Pearl and 8800.
  7. That's only because you flashed your i600 with i607 (Blackjack) firmware. They're not even the same phone. Your story is not even the same case. What some of us is looking for is the floating copy (winVista of GSMhosting.com has it) of the Windows Mobile 6 Crossbow beta/pre-final ROM specifically for SGH-i600, not for i607 Blackjack.
  8. winVista on GSMhosting has it but I couldn't find the link anywhere. I hope to add the Windows Mobile 6 onto my i600, that's currently running XXGD1 right now.
  9. Can someone please share the Windows Mobile 6 (crossbow) ROM for Samsung SGH-i600 (not Cingular Blackjack)? If you have the rapidshare link, please send me a private message. Thanks! Plus anybody tried the WM6 ROM on the i600 yet? How is it? Stableness? Bugs? Thanks all in advance...
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