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  1. Actually, I updated activesync to the latest version available of the microsoft site and the problem has disappeared. I assume in was inherent in the program and not the phone.
  2. Can I ask you you obtained a 2003 update?
  3. I have noticed with the i600 that if you put the phone on the cradle with it closed, that it will lose its sync to the desktop. As soon as I open it, it wakes up and re-syncs? Has anybody else noticed this? Is this by design?
  4. Seeing as though the existing plugins for calender entries (appts/all day events) on shows one (or the next) appointment, has anybody come across or developed a plugin to show multiple entries or extend the time in which they are displayed to remind the user? Seems like a function that desperately needs to exist. Also, I noticed there is no way to hide private entries on your calender. Whats the point of having a private selection then? Big oversite in my opinion versus existing PDAs. Any suggestions?
  5. Can somebody tell me how to rearrange the order shortcuts in the programs menu? Is this even possible?
  6. Has anyone explored the option of changing the annoying startup/shutdown clunk when doing a soft reset on the phone? I think there might be a switch in the registry that I saw on the MSDN site. Anybody tried it or know where the sound file is stored?
  7. I've noticed with the i600 that there is only a default selection for a background image. Is there a way to modify this so you can select any image on the fly for your homepage? I know my old moto MPx200 had this ability. Kinda defeats the purpose of having that option in the Home Screen selection menu. I would not be opposed to editing an .XML file if necessary :wink: Thanks!
  8. I didn't see quickclose on the site. Did I miss it?
  9. Whre can I get the app form?
  10. Hi, I just got my i600 today. I was a previous Moto MPx200 user. Where I live (Detroit area), Verizon's service is far superior to any other network. I have now ported my number from Nextel to AT&T to T-mobile to Verizon. I hated bellying up for the price, though. Overall, the phone seems far more solid and better designed than the Moto. Although slightly larger, I am happy with the choice. I have another post about this, but is there a task manager for this phone? If so, is it needed for battery life? Thanks! PS Moto did make their cradle better, though. No need to plug in the power adapter to charge!
  11. Ok, forgive me because I am a convert from the MPx200 (I had to do it despite the price for better service). Previously, I had to use the task manager almost all of the time to manually shut down applications on the Moto MPx200. Now that I have an i600, I don't see the program anymore. Is this not an issue with this phone? Or do I have to install it from some companion CD or something? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  12. perhaps a difference between US/European T-mobile carries?
  13. I was afraid that was the case. I guess its just another difference b/t carriers that I will have to get used to. I do think the switch to T-mobile has be worthwhile, however.
  14. I am now using my MPx200 with T-mobile. I have noticed, however, when I get a voicemail message I no longer get a voicemail icon on the display. Instead I am notified via a sms message. Is there a way to change this with T-mobile? This is very annoying! help!
  15. Is there a way to edit a .img ROM for the MPX200? Also, is there a program that exists to copy the current phone ROM to create a backup? It would save a lot of time after a hard reset!
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