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  1. Just answered the previous question about enabling i600 as modem and i thought I would upload a zip with a bunch of the various little application shortcuts found in the windows directory, mostly test modes and things along those lines, but you might find it interesting or fun to play around with. Just extract these and place them in the start menu, probably in a new folder. AdminTest.zip
  2. D.Samson

    i-600 XP MODEM DRIVER & Question

    I have also been looking for a solution to this problem, after messing around with every single application in the windows directory I finally found the application that lets you enable or disable the external modem. It is a program called EMChanger.exe, it will probably be hidden by default in the windows directory "\Windows\EMChanger.exe". But you can add a shortcut to your start menu. I have included the shortcut I have, just whack this in your "\Windows\Start Menu\" folder on the handset. You can also create it manually by finding the application through activesync and creating a shortcut, then moving the shortcut to the Start Menu directory. I have no idea why Samsung did not include a shortcut to this program as standard, some users just need to use it as a modem. You will have to use the modem drivers as mentioned above. Hope this helps. modem.zip - I had to a zip file because it would not let me upload a lnk file.

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