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  1. Can anybody comment on how much google maps and CoPilot would be affected by the fact that there is no magnetic sensor. Thanks a million!!
  2. Hi Thanks to Pauls excellent review, I have purchased one of these. However, this battery is seriously messed up! After being charged to 100%, the battery crashes by 10% within half an hour!! If this keeps up, this phone wont last an afternoon, never mind a day. And I am coming from a Galaxy S2, which has a terrible battery too!! Is there something wrong with my phone, or is this usual??? Also, I keep losing connectivity when connected via wifi. The connection stays alive, but it wont connect to the internet until I disconnect and reconnect. Any ideas?? Thanks a million!!
  3. Try yxflash. It's a paid for app but does have a trial version. I am using handbrake to convert (using Iphone settings) and then using the amazing meridian player.
  4. I also felt that my volume is a little low. For example the speakerphone is not all that loud. How can one tell if this is a problem or standard functionality!? However the ringtone is perfectly ok.
  5. Thanks but only works if you have an exchange server. I do but it's not accessible from the www. We only use it internally. I cannot believe that Google have left out something as important as task synchronising!
  6. Received my desired HTC desire and indeed it is most desireable, a great phone. But shock of all horrors when I found out that there is no way of syncing Outlook tasks to Android devices!!! Come on HTC and Google! There's no way you can beat/join the other big players if you dont provide basic support for small business users!!!!! Am I going to have to go back to my old Smsung i780? Silly phone, but at least I knew what had to be done that day!!!
  7. Thanks so much, but I did find that program yesterday but this is what it says on their website: "Tasks, Notes, Bookmarks, SMS / MMS, Settings, File management, are working in progress" i.e. not functional, I assume. Have you managed to get it working? David
  8. Hi, Just received my desire from Orange. Gr8 phone, seems really up to date, but I cant sync outlook tasks or notes!!!! I HAVE to have able to sync tasks, whyever have HTC excluded this from their sync?? Is this a decen business phone or not?????!!!!! I will be extremely grateful if somebody will tell me that it is possible and how!! Thanks!!! David
  9. It's on their website now! http://www.t-mobile.co.uk/shop/mobile-phon...c/hd2/overview/
  10. Has anybody tried updating their Orange branded i780 to Windows Mobile 6.1 using the Samsung release available on thier website? If yes, was it smooth sailing, and did you have to install all your software all over again? Thanks in advance! David Oh, the link for the Orange phone is here (http://www.samsungmobile.com/support/i780/uk/subBv_xp.jsp) for version number BVGK3
  11. The orange Today screen is nasty and can't be customised! The plain vanilla one looks great (http://i780.wordpress.com/2008/05/14/samsu...80-full-review/). Does anybody know a way how to get rid of the nasty Orange customisation and put it back to the way Samsung designed it???!!!!! The GPS on the Orange phones is rough and tough. It works on Google maps out "of the box" (if u r lucky!) although because it takes around 5 mins to get its first fix many people probably mess about for hours as I did thinking that its not working at all when in fact it is still waking up! I have managed to get TomTom to work but only through using GPSgate. That also takes around 5 mins for it's first fix. Its rather annoying. The phone is great and other than the above and my desperate wish to be able to customise the homescreen, I cant fault it. Its almost as good and as fast as my Treo 650! All I need now is a decent Today screen (I'm using HTC Home which isn't bad but cant really be customised much) and a decent launcher!
  12. I've got an Orange I780 and I'finally ve managed to get TomTom working with the help of GPSGate. The other two programs wouldn't work. The only issue I still have is that it still takes ages for a first fix, around 4-5 minutes!! It's very frustrating. I have the same problem with Google Maps, even without using GPSGate. Can anybody help!!!!
  13. Hi All, When I click on a link in Pocket Internet Explorer to download a wav file, all which happens is that the device displays an empty page, and nothing else happens. BTW, I am using the almost brilliant Samsung I780. I guess this is something to do with the newest versions of Media Player not supporting wav file playback. However, I have TCPMP installed and can play back wav files. All I need is to find out how to tell windows what a wav file is so that it knows what to do with it when I try to download it! I guess there must be a way of making a registry entry but I haven't a clue how to. Any ideas? Much apreciated!!! David
  14. I have such a phone! I've gone back to my Treo 650, a phone which does absolutely everything, including playing XVID movies and it does everything quickly! Who needs multitasking on a mobile??? It's not as if one can switch between open windows! The only thing wrong with my Treo is that it is somewhat large, and has a somewhat flaky bluetooth connection, and I now miss the wifi connection which I enjoyed with the E650. I am no anti Microsoft guy, but I am shocked that they are selling what seems to be an inferior product (compared to the Palm platform), yet they are taking over the market! How can Palm be losing so much ground to a clearly inferior product? And why haven't they released a decent upgrade to their Treo range (i.e. one which keeps the design, but reduces it's bulkiness and gives it wifi?) They seem to be asleep at the wheel, and allowing the new kids on the block to steal the show from them. They used to be the leaders in handheld devices! If I was one of their shareholders, I'd be demanding answers.
  15. Send text messages - takes forever only to switch the screen around!! Switch between inbox and outbox - needed 768 keypresses, and phone isn't even intuitive enough to jump to the inbox when opening a new sms from the homescreen! Work with excel and word documents - one needs to press so many buttons only to start editing a document and when it finally allows you to edit, it is so very clumsy and painful to carry out even simple edits. And then to top it all, it always wants to save your document as a new filename!!!! Why the hell would I want to do that!!!!!!???? And of course there's no way to cut and paste!! The bolt ons available to fix this are unweildy and dont work where they are needed most - in Word and Excel, and did I mention that all the add ons slow an already slow phone down to a crawl. And the keyboard is extremly difficult to use (no I dont have large mitts!), and the darned shiny blue backlight won't switch off despite me turning it off a billion times in the power settings (yes I know about the light meter too but it made no difference) I could go on and on. From the response to my post, it seems that if one's previous phone wasnt very functional, then this phone would b a decent upgrade. But for me, coming from a very powerful and easy to use Treo 650, this E650 was a step into the future but with manacled hands and feet. And no it was not my intention to start a flame war! I was merely expressing my frustrations at a waste of an upgrade!
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