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  1. Most memorable drive was not necessarily for the right reasons.... Many moons ago I was living in Bristol, just me and my 2 year old son together. Got a phone call to say that my Mum had just had a heart attack. Needless to say, I jumped in the car with my son and we started the drive back to Newcastle to see her. En route the car appeared to start overheating. this made me go the wrong way back and it kept overheating. I pulled over, let it cool down, but still overheating. I thought that maybe it needed more coolant, but nothing around to use. So....I improvised....you guessed it, I pee'd into the coolant tank! It carried on saying it was overheating, turned out to be a faulty sensor, but it did make the drive a memorable one! Oh, Mum was finew in the end :-)
  2. Looks like mine is slowing down for the second time damn it.....
  3. I'm not using a custom ROM though!
  4. Hi all, I've noticed over the past week or so that my N7 has started to slow down and become laggy - especially chrome and Facebook. I know that FB has recently been updated and may not be perfect but chrome is getting particularly bad. Checked my network connection and no problems there or on any other device. My gnex has pretty much the same apps as the n7 and its running fine. There are a few threads on other forums where people have also said that their n7's are also slowing down but I don't really want to factory reset and install everything from scratch. Any ideas? Thanks!
  5. I like the look of it. Had I not picked up a gnex a few weeks back I may have taken a look at this....
  6. Not getting SMS as well. I wonder if it's because I have large SMS threads? SMS thread with my wife is over 700 messages, just deleted it and rebooted, might help...
  7. You only get 5MP pics from it, just allows digital zooming with no loss of detail. Back on topic I'm picking up a GNex today which will play nicely with my pre-ordered Nexus 7 too :-)
  8. We have an ipad2 at home, and its used by everyone. I use it as a browser, teenage son plays games, Facebook and instagram. Wife uses it to browse, 5 year old son watches video and plays kiddie ben10 games. Even my 2 year old daughter watches YouTube peppa pig video. A tablet is a fantastic thing for our household. Of course you circumstances may be different.... So why order the nexus7? So I don't have to share of course! Haha! Also perfect size for travelling too. I always travel with my work laptop bit sometimes I don't want the hassle of getting that out on a train or plane. For me, it might e a perfect device. Just my 2p
  9. And yet in a recent show he focussed on top 5 best 2nd hand buys for under £100....including a SE k800i no less.....you don't get more high end than this....
  10. I've pre-ordered the 16 gig today. I know a guy at work pre-ordered last night to make sure he got the free transformers movie and 15 quid store credit. Fingers crossed I do too!
  11. He is defo not an apple fanboy, he's a Nokia fanboy through and through - even when the device is rubbish (eh n97!) I still watch the phones show and listen to the audio podcast, but I don't pay any attention to their review. When testing a blackberry they didn't even have BES or BIS - the fundamental part of the blackberry service! I would place money on Steve saying that the 808 pureview is the best handset ever.
  12. pritsey


    I'm sure its easy enough to get used to, didn't have them on the iPhone after all. Just be a shame not to have it after coming to android and using light flow on the g300.
  13. pritsey


    Thanks guys - crazy not to include!
  14. Just wondered if there was a notification LED or not? Thanks!
  15. The maxx is around £200 more than the standard raze, so no go there. Not sure how comfortable I'd be buying a "no name" Chinese handset...
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