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  1. Thanks Terry, I was actually considering the Asus M530w... but it's already on the market for quite some time... so i was thinking something 'fresher' but yes, I actually had the pleasure of using it few (short) times, and it seemed fine. And the Q9h is also a fine choice, but no Wi-Fi (I've only recently 'upgraded' my household to wi-fi...and I'm not going back) As the feature set is pretty similar on all of my 'candidates' (3G, WiFi, GPS, WinMO 6, QWERTYkeyboard) I am propably gonna try and decide based on keyboard, battery life and performance (sluggish vs snappy). When I get my hands on one of those babies... Anyone has suggestions, opinions do not hesitate!
  2. Hello, I'm planning to upgrade my second device soon (1st - phone calls, 2nd - email/web). At the moment it's a Pearl (but I don't like the OS and the keys anymore), but I'm thinking about getting something like the HTC S630 - Windows Mobile Device with QWERTY keyboard. (NOT slide-out - i like the 'under-the-screen-keyboard' format). So what are your suggestions for this. I myself found a few devices available already (or very soon) (in EU). 1. Samsung i780 2. Palm Treo Pro 3. HP iPAQ 914c 4. any other? 5. ...maybe, just maybe the Bold (Blackberry 9000) my (only) requierements are: 3G (doesnt have to be 3.5g(hsdpa), my provider hasn't upgraded his towers (yet)) wi-fi and qwerty keyboard. well and windows mobile os (standard and pro is fine.) I'm leaning towards the i780 (lightest of the bunch) but I've read there could be problems with apps (320x320 resolution). Which one would you recommend getting, any expierences with either one? Or other. I've only laid my hands on the samsung but only for few minutes... Thanks!
  3. about 300-330 € (up to 250 quid) I got 1 more question, do you know any good online shops, with good smart phone selection (like the blackjack ii for ex.), where i can pay by paypal? I've seen toshiba g710 at exansys uk (i believe its expected on march xx), but i think it doesn't have neither 3G nor wi-fi? is this correct?
  4. thanks Paul, unfortunatelly this one is not available here... (gonna check out the payment methods on exp. though..) fast response btw. i was just reading your review on toshiba g500, seems like a nice device, but all those 'faults'... are there any rom updates for it at this time? UPDATE:I just did the conversion, about 385 EUR.. it's a little (too) expensive, great device though.. hmm, maybe they have blackjack ii...
  5. Hello, Plain n simple, I'm looking for a new wm device to replace my old one (non pocket pc), (and non 'classic'), i got only a few requierments: 1. 3G (aka umts), hsdpa would be nice, but not a req. 2. wm6 or wm6 upgrade 3. full qwerty thats pretty much all wi-fi (aka wlan) would be nice too. i found these devices, that are available where i live, anyone can recommend me which one to get, (or has had) any good / bad expierences with either one? Palm Treo 500v - small keys, i donno ASUS M530w - has all (but HSDPA, my network doesnt suport it anyway), propably what i'm getting HTC S730 - almost perfect, but (too) pricey (and seems heavy, 150g?) Motorola Q9H - no wifi, but wide, nice keyboard? Samsung SGH-i600 - has all, only 1.3MPix cam (no issue), keaboard little small for me thanks!
  6. Hello, I have a question, I'm not sure if this smartphone (http://shop.vodafone.de/online/business.cfm?go=handys.detail&productID=3563), a Vodafone VDA IV is in fact asus jupiter...??? I know of course the o2 graphite iz... If anyone could clarify this... (if not what phone is it, and is better/worse than o2 graphite? ) thx.
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