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  1. Great thanks, not had the honour of having a modaco custom ROM/ROM kitchen since the ZTE blade :-)
  2. What is the position of Huawei/Honor on OS updates (5.x.x and Android M)?
  3. Sorry bad question - what I meant does the GPS work accurately using Google maps or whatever satnav software you have. My experience with cheap MTK based Chinese phones (THL/Newman/UMI) is that they are no good, GPS is slow to lock on (even with all the tweaks and fixes you can throw at it) and not accurate. You drive along OK and it jumps into fields, you get to a roundabout and your position jumps to different entry/exit turns etc etc!! Xiaomi are a higher quality manufacturer it seems and hopefully have better engineers and aerials?Only thing that puts me off is the 5.5" screen and big top and bottom edges. Do you think the extra £90 or so extra is worth it for the Honor 7 (£210 as I reserved one via pre-release deal)? Specs very close - RedmiN2 just bigger? Cheers
  4. Hi. Does the GPS work when in a car? Cheers
  5. Thanks leuk_he. Gave that a go - used my original scatter file - but post initial static boot screen it goes black (with backlight on) and just sticks. If I try and scatter file from the kitkat ROM I get "pmt changed for the rom it must be downloaded" - after a google this seems to mean that partition table present in the phone is different from the partition table that the rom I am trying to flash to the phone needs. I think kitkat roms are partitioned differently - so perhaps need some work on the blackview scatter file and the associated ebr files needed?
  6. See no response to this, anybody suggest a better forum? Android dev biased but friendly to noob questions? Tried XDA, no response there either. Cheers
  7. Hi newbie question, have searched around but can't quite get my head around the answers I have read. OK I have a cheapo Chinese phone running 4.2.2 - its a Newman K1S - http://www.antelife.com/newman-k1s-smartphone-android-4-2-mtk6592-2gb-16gb-5-0-inch-ips-hd-screen-2-0mp-13-0mp-camera-black.html It is virtually identical to this phone - http://www.antelife.com/blackview-crown-3g-smartphone-with-mtk6592-octa-core-5-0-inch-ips-hd-ogs-screen-2gb-16gb-13-0mp-camera-android-4-2-white.html Only differences really being the battery size and obvious body differences + the fact that the Blackview runs KitKat 4.4.2 - they obviously both share the same SOC, looks like the same screen and res, same camera, same ROM size, same RAM, same normal features. I am interested as I have the Blackview Kitkat ROM and I have a backup of my Newman ROM, so what's the chance of success on modifying and flashing the Blackview ROM onto the Newman? I have read about the pre-loader being the key file in the ROM that can cause hard bricks of devices (in the fact that they are unique to the manufacturer/device in some way?) - but I can't get to the bottom of what this is and if any other files are unique? I also assume the Kernel will most likely be different? But then again being virtually the same hardware would the kernels be cross compatible? I assume the process is going to be relatively complex (and probably beyond my capabilities!) even though they are virtually identical phones but from different manufacturers? Or perhaps not - who knows! (hence my questions) ;-) The Newman phone is currently a secondary phone as I have another dual sim mediatek device (THL W8S) - so quite happy to mess with it a bit - but don't really want to get into a hard brick position obviously :-) File list of extracted ROM zips below (it may help!): Blackview Crown Android 4.4.2 168,456 APDB_MT6592_S01_KK1.MP1_ 5,867,520 boot.img 5,561,144 BPLGUInfoCustomAppSrcP_MT6592_S00_MOLY_WR8_W1315_M D_WG_MP_V35_1_wg_n 6,348,948 cache.img 276 Checksum.ini 512 EBR1 512 EBR2 244,524 lk.bin 518,899 logo.bin 512 MBR 7,691 MT6592_Android_scatter.txt 123,532 preloader_ratech92_cwet_rlk_kk.bin 6,252,544 recovery.img 135,168 secro.img 761,112,276 system.img 53,453,680 userdata.img Newman K1s Android 4.2.2 10,485,760 boot.img 1,024 EBR1 524,288 EBR2 393,216 lk.bin 8,388,608 logo.bin 524,288 MBR 7,661 MT6592_Android_scatter.txt 10,485,760 recovery.img 6,291,456 secro.img 838,860,800 system.img Many thanks in advance.
  8. Hi. BBC iPlayer disable device check works, allows me to download but then only plays for about 5 secs with a pop up in front of the playing video saying it can't be played? I can see the downloaded file (ismv extension), so assume it has more checks that stops playback? Using a thl w8s. Streaming works fine. Cheers
  9. "Twin sims is the key thing for me as I use a work sim (no data but we can use for personal calls and pay for those) and personal sim (for data)." Above from my long comment/mini THL W8 Beyond/W8S review at the bottom of your excellent x7 review. I think more people would be very interested in twin sim phones - certainly ones where people have work and personal phones (lots of people choose to or have to). It's just that the way people buy phones generally doesn't allow them to (and no twin sim phones on the high street!) - carriers want you to use them and them alone don't they? And they sell the majority of phones and even non-carrier stores want to sell you a contract from a carrier so the same applies. The few people I have shown my twin sim THL phone too have had very strong positive comments about having one phone with twin sims as most have a works phone (a Nokia/Samsung feature phone with nothing smart about it with no data capability) and then have a personal smartphone to get the smart stuff and data access.
  10. Great review. My interest in Chinese phones has been around for a while but always been put off by the poor quality. But with modaco's recent mentions I started researching some over a number of months. I came across gizchina and after a few weeks I decided on the iocean x7 elite - but stock seemed to be low and being a real cheapskate I thought its cost was on the high side (! - for the reason that the less money spent lessened the risk of wasting money). In the end I looked again and had been browsing the Antelife sellers website - they always seem to have decent offers (group deals) and quite a few discount codes (mainly on gizchina). I noticed the THL W8 Beyond and plumped for that as it came out costing me about £150 delivered on an Antelife group deal (to reduce cost I just went for the free shipping via Singapore post). I was very, very pleased when I got it, but as per your review had issues with the mediatek GPS (easily fixed with an external BT GPS - more of that later – I also tried all the soft fixes and it did improve but not enough for driving directions). The THL is very much a Samsung Galaxy clone - but they at least brand it unlike some other manufacturers which are straight up Samsung copies complete with Samsung logo. It came with a flip case, screen protector (with one on it already), extra battery and the usual accessories - nicely boxed. Build is nice and solid, the only thing that let's it down is the shiny plastic back. Screen is 1080P and lovely, twin sims is the key thing for me as I use a work sim (no data but we can use for personal calls and pay for those) and personal sim (for data). After a couple of weeks of use I found the RAM (1GB!) to be an issue, I tried memory managers but still found some issues (slow down when loading the app draw, some apps like Flipboard closing when trying to open etc). I did end up purchasing ‘lagfix premium’ from the app store to see if the addition of trim support would help - and it did seem to - but at this point I was lured by the Antelife site again and noticed a new model the THL W8S - 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM and a laminated Gorilla Glass 3 screen :-) So the decision was made to buy that and sell the Beyond - the W8S ended up at £172 delivered (this time by Hong Kong post - free again and an Antelife code helping to bring the cost down). And a friend had the Beyond and is very happy with it and has no issues with ram it seems (so I must have been pushing it too hard!). The W8S screen is fully laminated so very close to the surface - how I can tell if it really is Gorilla Glass is beyond me - I don't dare test its claims - time will tell! The 2GB seems to fix all my memory issues and now with an S-Line silicon case on it I do not notice the cheap back! Performance is great and no issues with mobile reception, dual SIM use (fantastic) Wi-Fi, BT or any other function other than the GPS detailed above and below. For my GPS needs it is fine, the inbuilt GPS is fine for general location awareness and checking Google maps traffic. For serious navigation I dug out an old BT GPS unit I had, and with an app from the play store (Bluetooth GPS), 'mock locations' developer setting and a couple of discount codes to get Sygic (£13) I have perfect offline, quickly locked and located GPS for the couple of times a year I really need sat nav :-) I can certainly recommend the THL W8S and the Beyond if GPS car nav is not key for you - I was always someone who thought 5" phones were too big - but in my mid-forties and having recently struggled with reading on my previous phone (4" Motorola Atrix) then I am converted - 5" is the limit though! Didn't have any issues with import duty luckily (both marked smartphone – value $40!) and obviously in effect I have no European protection and guarantee - so you have to be prepared to take a risk buying these phones - but the obvious savings are incredible. I can also (from my limited experience) recommend going for the cheap postal service, first phone took about 7 days from notification of shipping, the second about 5 days. Latest deals on Antelife: http://link.antelife.com/u/gm.php?prm=si85wJ7e9U_270648906_179090_13112 show the THL W8 Beyond and W8S at even lower prices now – even taking into account the retail exchange rate which will increase the price of a straight exchange rate conversion to about £140 for the Beyond and about £170 for the W8S.
  11. Excellent podcast, no $, no at&t, cheap Chinese phones - happy listener :-D
  12. Another iocean x7 youth review - very comprehensive - again I can't understand a word but looks like out the box the GPS doesn't work, the wifi's a bit unreliable, it can't handle 1080p video that well and the screen has some sensitivity issues? But overall for the price it's pretty good??
  13. Just checked that French vid and he responded :-) "Hello, GPS doesn't work well it's necessary to modify GPS.conf but after modifications GPS work nice."
  14. www.antelife.com - for a few reasons - 1.) gizchina had a $10 discount code listed for them in a post. 2.) it seems to be pretty professional and well priced (they listed the Elite as pre-order while a lot of sites acted as if they were in stock - when (a couple of weeks ago) the elite wasn't) and 3.) they had the black one for pre-order (my preference) - but that option seems to have gone now. I was going to wait for some more constructive reviews to come out. XDA has a couple of ROM threads - this being the most interesting (but its for the youth version): http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2339460 And a couple of reasonable youtube videos: - youth version - Elite version but in French! - he mentions the GPS but I can't speak French - he definitely mentions the GPS but doesn't test it, hhmmmmm! Look forward to your run down of the phone(s) and purchasing experience :-)
  15. Hi, when will you have the low down on your recent purchases of Chinese phones? I keep adding an iocean x7 elite to a shopping cart on a Chinese retailer but my confidence is just not up to the mark to enable me to hit that buy button!!
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