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  1. The screenshots that were taken are from my I600 phone. It came stock with no secondary application that needs it to run. The version I have you don't need to run any extra application. Just simply turn the phone on wait for it to load and it's there as your home screen. Still trying to crack it with some friends of mine to get it up and running on the I607 version.
  2. you are going to have to search the i600 rom update/patch concerning details.
  3. Resco won't do it. Remember.. what I am changing is part of the built in ROM
  4. I've been trying to hack my way into a full customized card wheel with no success. The main problem that I have been running into is trying to edit the read-only and system files. I have tried many ways to unlock this using different tools and this is far as I have ever been able to get... If you can help find me an app where I can change the read-only, change the system files, and/or edit them via ROM editor then I'll find a way around this one for sure.
  5. Umm.. not the actual * or # keys... but umm.... the 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 .... area every time I push "e" it inputs 1... t =2 u =3 etc. Also.. did you upgrade to that version or did you do an install directly from that version?? Been trying to look for an older version to test out, but can't find anything available =( EDIT**** got it to work after reinstalling it a few times.
  6. Try going into the screen "zoom to" then "location" or something along those lines and try using the # area for me and check if the QWERTY works.. Or do you have to push something like a key combination (Fn + whatever) to activate/deactivate it??
  7. I've got version 7.0.3040 what version do you have???
  8. Ok.. so I've finally got myself a GPS reciever as tiny as a USB key, and decided to go looking around for some software to go with it. I've searched around for different types of software and found pros and cons about each one. So after trying out different types of software available for my i600 I've finally settled for Route 66 Mobile for smartphones. - done Only one problem... the software doesn't pick up my QWERTY style keyboard properly. Where the num.pad is it detects it as if it were a regular hand held phone where I have to push "2" several times to get either (A,B,C,or 2). Now I know someone browsing these forums probably has the same problem as I do (if not with my gps software than another) because majority of all the GPS software out there will not handle the QWERTY style keyboard. So if anyone can enlighten me as to a hack/regedit/3rd party utility on how to get my software to recognize the QWERTY style keyboard, it would greatly be appreciated. Aoi PS. Route66 is awesome.. finds my contacts in seconds
  9. Aoi Akujin

    Samsung i600 and i607 Wiki's

    http://wiki.modaco.com/index.php/Samsung_i600 Updated - added Card Wheel customization Aoi
  10. -Wiki Updated -and those pictures are what made me want to customize my card wheel. -Still trying to modify and add aditional cards. Ex. add a 7day weather forecast, add Office tools, make the pictures search a different folder (on storage device)
  11. Ok.. I need some help here. I've downloaded several applications from total commander to dos on my i600, and I am still unable to edit the attributes to some files on my phone. (mainly the ones with "read-only" and "system" attributes). located in the /windows folder If anyone can please confirm that they know how to change the attributes on the i600 or i607, will you please tell me what tool or specifics on how to do so. Once I am able to find out how to do this I will be able to post more modifications towards both the i600 and i607. Hopefully I can also get the card wheel active on the i607 phones and some i600 phones with a few simple files. thanks in advance Aoi
  12. After messing around with my BlackJack I was finally able to customize the background and cards for the Card Wheel. So before you do all this be sure you have something to edit pictures with (photoshop, mspaint, or whatever you want to use) and an active connection to your PC so you can transfer the files back and forth. There are a few simple files you can edit to make the Background and the Cards to how ever the hell you want it to look like. Here is how my card wheel home screen looks like Here are the files you are looking for editing and a few notes added: all files are located in the \windows directory Initial background: - background_320x240.bmp 1. If you want to make one solid piece background like I have then you'll have to keep in mind that the background will be stretched accordingly to your phone's screen size so you'll have to do some adjustments to get it pin point perfect. 2. There is also a solid black area on the left that covers the time+date+provider First Top Bar ("Message Center" in pic): - top2.png 1. This is transparent and the transparency cannot be change (to my knowledge) Second Top Bar ("Appointments" in pic): - top1.png 1. This is transparent and the transparency cannot be change (to my knowledge) Main Card Area ("Profile" and icons in pic): - center_tile.png 1. This is a solid piece and IS NOT transparent like the others 2. I recommend a background where it has more contrasting colors so it makes the text more legible 1st Bottom Bar ("My Photos" in pic): - low1.png 1. This is transparent and the transparency cannot be change (to my knowledge) 2nd Bottom Bar (Recent Songs" in pic): - low2.png 1. This is transparent and the transparency cannot be change (to my knowledge) 2. This picture extends an aditional 4 pixels down (so make sure your background extends into your start/quicklist area by at least 4 pixels 3rd Bottom Bar (not visable unless card wheel scrolls): - low3.png 1. This is transparent and the transparency cannot be change (to my knowledge) 2. This picture extends an aditional 4 pixels down (so make sure your background extends into your start/quicklist area by at least 4 pixels 3. For those who want a solid layout like mine it is the exact same as mine then keep in mind that it is like the 2nd Bottom Bar, but slightly smaller. Be sure to align the picture to the right wall than the left wall on a picture editing program (ex. Photoshop) FINAL STEP After you are done with what you want as your new layout, go to your settings > Display > home screen > change your home screen to something other than a card wheel then click done. After the ugly menu changes go back to the settings and change it to "Card Wheel" go back to your home screen and you've got yourself a custom Card Wheel homescreen. I will be updating this from time to time as I find more and more solutions , edits, and work around things as time goes on. I will also post up more stuff to help you guys out on simplifying some stuff out for you on Card Wheel customizations. Tool used to take screen cap: Ilium Software Screen Capture http://www.iliumsoft.com/site/fp/screen_capture.htm Suggestion: If you want to Sticky this thread go request it from an admin on these forums. I'll keep all of you posted when I have time to show you more details on the card wheel feature. Aoi ***NOTE*** please... - Make a backup of your original files before replacing them. At least you can always go back when you want to. - don't PM me. I am only interested in using these forums to make my i600 fit to my needs. In short I don't read PMs so just reply to this thread. - don't ask me how to get the card wheel functions on a black jack that doesn't already have it on there. I just don't know and mine came with it pre-loaded (i600 version w/ Wi-Fi ). But a friend and I are working on getting the card wheel to work on the i607 - don't ask me how to help create custom designs or layouts. I just gave away how to do it yourself on here - don't ask me to upload my files for my profile. I like to keep my phone personalized
  13. Aoi Akujin

    Orange i600 Missing Carousel

    I've totally revamped my Card Wheel. I've given out detailed specifics on the following link on how to fully customize your card wheel. http://www.blackjackusers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=476 Hope you all enjoy Aoi

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