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  1. hopefully paul will be able to root the phone soon...
  2. I have the milestone xt720 from singapore. i wonder if brian has found root for it...
  3. To all that has made my Windows Mobile journey such an exciting and fascinating one, A very big Thank You! Especially Khuanchai, with your ever-evolving roms which made a day with my Omnia never one that is boring and to all of you, fellow friends, who helped in every way you can to make the experience of others a more pleasant one! I have decided that while WM will continue to evolve to become a better product, the apps available in Android are just too difficult to resist. I will see you soon, should you also decide to experience the MAGIC.
  4. sorry android noob here. just wanted to make sure that there are cooked roms and compatible software before making the switch. does the cooked magic rom include activesync like in the asian versions of the magic?
  5. correct me if i am wrong, there is a bug with hybrid 23016/21928 which does not allow it to download attachments
  6. I am not able to sync my exchange email using this rom. I have switched to sector's and it is working fine. the icons in the calendar are also misplaced on the left.they are too small. i dun see any advantages with the new interface. i really regret switching roms.
  7. depending on whether you use m2d or not, choose the latest rom. that is the best that I am used so far.
  8. But according to post #801, there is a way to do show 2 appointments at the same time... @bigflause: there is already a s2u2 theme for that, you just have to do a few pages back!
  9. Hey Philo69 Does the new hero theme show two appointments (mine doesnt, although the xml file looks like it is designed to do so)? and if not, is it possible for it to do so?
  10. the reason why you cannot start honey comb is because wktask has closed it. you have to add \windows\shell32.exe to the exclusion
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