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  1. Thinking of replacing my trusty S710 with something a bit newer. Not too keen on touch screens, and would prefer something that looks like a phone and not a Pda. Needs to have Wifi on. It it has 3G or HSDPDA - does that mean I can access internet from anywhere inc Google Maps. Or do I need to pay subscription to supplier. I'm on 02 Simplicity. Any decent recommentations outthere as there are loads to choose from. Thanks
  2. Hello, Is there a way to change the call screen on the Vox. At the moment i have the green background, the times and the tiny picture. Is there a way of changing this? I tried changing the theme but makes no difference. The incoming call screen is OK. Thanks Karl
  3. I just bought my S710 so can't really comment on that. However, i intend to use it the same way as i did my i-mate jam. via Bluetooth to Fortuna Clip-On GPS. With both fully charged i could do a 2 hour journey before the Jam battery run out. The gps lasts for about 5 hours. I also have an in car charger. A 12V to USB adapter. The lead then splits to charge both the device and the gps. Hope this helps Karl
  4. Thanks Amplificator, worked a treat. Anyone an idea on the sms folders? Also just installed TomTom 5.2. I copied the files to the route of my micro Sd card. Which file do i now select to run it. No matter which one i select non of them work. Karl
  5. Hi, Recieved my S710 yesterday and its brilliant :) Got a few questions that hopefully you guys can answer? Is there a way to auto-lock the keypad? I can lock it manually but would be great if it did it when the screen went off. Is there a way to add sms folders? I can find the manage folders section but no option to add sub-folders of the inbox. Thanks in anticipation Karl
  6. Hello, Having done a few searches there seem to be conflicting reports about TomTom on the S710 Vox. I am looking at buying one of these devices. Questions, Is it still possible to buy TomTom Mobile 5? Do TomTom navigator 6 maps work on TomTom mobile 5? I have TomTom nav 6 but don't fancy using the FakeCursor. Any help / final answers on this matter would be really appeciated. Regards Karl
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