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  1. Anyone using the kids profiles with Tesco Child Safety App? I can play all the apps fine from my normal profile i.e. Cbeebies Stories/Playtime, Lego Trains etc but if I am logged in as the kids then the apps just open to a black screen. Anyone else had this before I have the jobs of ringing Tesco support?
  2. I'm looking to get a Bluetooth GPS device for a HTC Dual Touch. One thing I wanted to check is that it would be able to work along side his existing bluetooth car kit i.e. Normal driving GPS via Bluethooth to give Navigation capability Phone call comes in and bluethooth Hand-free picks up call? I am pretty sure this will work but wanted to check first?
  3. I need to return my phone back to factory. I have a backup of the orange WM5 rom to install but it still has the non-factory bootloader on it. Is there a way to get back the orange bootloader? Cheers Rob
  4. Thanks for the brilliant walkthough. I have tried following all the instructions and appear to have rebuild a copy of my Orange ROM - producing a RUU_signed.nbh sized 56,561,646 bytes but I am having a problem checking it works with the phone. When i run the ROMUpdateUtility.exe utility it makes the M700 go into a bootloader? mode - the rainbow screen BUT when this happens the Update software is saying that the phone has been disconnected and ends. To get the phoneback I have to pull the battery on the phone. FOLLOWUP The problem was due to having an SD card in on the first reboot - without it reboots fine and works as expected...BUT I am now having a problem sending any SMS messages - both using my restored WM5 and WM6 roms (I have tried running the UK customisation but it still does not work)
  5. I have a SPV M700 (HTC Prophet on WM5) Recently I have been unable to get the phone to use Wifi for internet access. Even though I am shown as being connected and have an IP address if I try and use the web or messenger etc the phone always tries to connect to GPRS. I am sure there must be a setting somewhere but I can't find it anywhere. Anyone know how to tell it to use Wifi over GPRS if its available? Cheers Rob
  6. Rob_Quads

    Windows Live Search released for Windows Mobile

    Doesn't seem to pick up the GPS on my M700 :)
  7. I live in a fairly weak signal area. I am finding that every week or so I notice that my phone has no signal (in decent reception places) no matter where I am the phone will not get a signal. If I just turn off/on the phone then the signal is picked up. Anyone else having this problem?
  8. Rob_Quads

    VITO ActiveTrace updated!

    Has anyone got this working with the SPV M700 - On mine it does not detect the GPS on COM9?
  9. Rob_Quads

    Orange unlimited data?

    Looks like details of this £8 package have come out - a staggering .....30MB!!! limit per month. I've barely been doing anything online and I have still racked up 18MB in the last 20 days since getting my phone.
  10. Rob_Quads

    Speaker Dead :(

    Anyone else had thier speaker die on them? Mine won't work at all. Works fine for calls but no speakerphone or any windows sounds/music etc. Not very impressed for a phone with less than 1 months use. Oh the joys of a warranty replacement with orange to come (no orange care)
  11. Rob_Quads

    Phone won't ring

    Well I preformed a hard reset last night and still no joy. Looks like the speaker is dead? I would have thought the same speaker was used for normal calls as well as on loudspeaker (just turned up) Oh well. now the joys of getting a Warranty replacement via orange without Orange Care.
  12. Rob_Quads

    Phone won't ring

    I have a SPV M700. It appears its not just ringing that gone its all sounds. i can't get anything to play from Media player etc. It still makes calls OK but if i turn the call to Speaker Mode then it goes silent
  13. Rob_Quads

    Phone won't ring

    My phone has stopped ringing. No matter what I try when I get a call it will not ring. Its as if the phone is on silent but all the settings are not. If I go into the sounds menu I can change the ring tone, but it does not play if I press the play button, well its as if its playing but the sound does not come out. If I select "vibrate and ring" then it does vibrate when I play the ringtone but again no ringing actually happens. The only thing I have installed recently that may have affected it is the CommMgrPro but I cannot be sure it was not doing the same before I installed that. I have gone through my other apps on the phone and I can't see that any of them would have affected the ringing. Anyone have any ideas what could be causing it to not ring?
  14. Rob_Quads

    White Screen - Can't hard reset

    Well just after posting it i worked out that the softkeys are the two buttons above the phone keys marked "-". By pressing these i was able to hard reset the phone. Now time to set it all up again :rolleyes:
  15. After making a change trying to get my phonepad working my M700 now boots and only shows a white screen. No matter what I try it just stays white. I have read about hard resetting it - "old both softkey buttons, and use the stylus to to press the 'Reset' button on the bottom. Follow prompts" I have tried this - the softkey buttons are the red and green phone keys I presume. When i do this I get the boot screen but then it switches straight to the white screen as usual. Any ideas how to fix this??

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