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  1. I have found that the metal case seems to make a 1 bar difference on signal strength but does not seem to have any impact on GPS. For the protection, that seems a fair trade off.
  2. I actually found the shipping from ADVERTISING SPAM to be very good with my order being processed on the 26th and it arriving on the 29th here in the UK. I actually now have the aluminum one and must admit I am very impressed with the overall quality. Sure it adds a little bulk to the handset (although not much) but does seem to offer a very high level of protection (remember I have already dropped my S740 once) in a ruggedised kind of way. Whilst I won't be using this case when I am out and about on business where the phone slips into my suit pocket, I shall be using it when I am actually "doing stuff" with the phone clipped to my belt and where there is a real risk of it getting knocked. For this purpose, I am very happy with this case.
  3. As the others have suggested, the S740 is a fantastic phone. I moved from an S710 which had served me very well and before ending up with the S740 had tried the Touch Pro and a couple of Blackberries. The S740 is rock solid stable, a joy to use and is fully loaded. To this day I still don't get what all the fuss is over some of the other phones as in my view, if you need to take out a stylus each time you want to use something, you are admitting that the GUI is seriously flawed.
  4. http://www.expansys.com/p.aspx?partner=modaco&i=172165 £7.99 in stock (if you don't mind buying off Expansys)
  5. The chargiong point on the bottom of the phone is a standard ext USB thing so any charger will work however if you want a cradle then you need a specific one. I have gone for the HTC G300 which looks great
  6. I subscribe to a number of RSS feeds and on the desktop use Newsgator Feed Demon. The idea is great because I can install a Newsgator client onto a number of different devices and everything is synced between them. Now the problem is that the Windows Mobile client seems to be pretty poor. On my old S710 it used to lock up all of the time which I put down to not having enough CPU power. On my S740 however it is not much better and now I find myself running into other "known issues" with the client. It's a shame but I think I need to look at other options. Now I don't want to use a browser based reader because I tend to read my feeds on the train or tube and of course browser based readers need a signal to work. So what does everybody else use and do you have a solution for keeping things in sync? Thanks
  7. Well yes but it also explains why there was a sticker on the phone about not keeping it in your pants. That front screen is not going to like much pressure being applied to it so leaving it in you back pocket and then sitting down is going to result in a totaled phone!!
  8. For some reason, I always manage to drop any new phone I get within a week of getting it. Normally on the drive getting out of the car but non the less, it happens. So 3 days in and whilst bending over to speak to my 5 year old son, my S740 slid straight out of my top front jacket pocket and straight onto a very hard London pavement. A drop of maybe 12 to 18 inches. So what have I learned today? That nice piece of clear plastic that runs right to the edges of the phone (and stands proud of the edges) and covers the whole top front of the phone does not like even the slighted impact. More importantly there is NOTHING to protect it from any knocks or bumps. In both of the top corners, the plastic is now cracked in from the corner for about 2mm and there is a slight chip into the metal casing below it. The phone functions fine and the corners can't be noticed until you look closely but none the less, rugged this ain't. Having said this, even though the phone ended up on the pavement, there are no scratches on the phone at all which is actually what I was expecting. So be careful. It looks like that front screen is going to be a weak break point.
  9. I never knew the S710 could do that :-( Mine is a proper white. Certainly no yellow cast to it.
  10. But yours was a white box one not retail B) hence you got the sock As you can see in the manual: No sock for the retail version <_< PS the battery is still going after 23 hours with everything on (although we are down to 8% now and the phone is screaming)
  11. Well the phone out of the box did have a clear cover over it (like all new phones) to protect in in transit but was covered in writing telling me not to leave the phone in my pants (I really hope this is for the Americans) so you can't just leave it on. I think any cover though would snag and pull off though. And be aware that regardless of what the retailers are saying, this phone does not come with a case.
  12. <we need a delete post option for when I make a stupid comment>
  13. No but then as a non touch screen device, it's not really an issue. I never had one on my S710 and it was never an issue.
  14. Looking good so far. Now remember that a battery will not perform too it's best until it has been fully charged and discharged a few times. BUT The phone was fully charged at 11 this morning and has since been running 3G push mail, made several phone calls and has been connected via wifi for the entire time. I have been playing with it all day and all this evening. Now with my S710, with WiFi switched on the phone would have lasted 2 or 3 hours tops. So we have now been going 12 hours with EVERYTHING switched on and lots and lots of use and the battery level is still at 45%!!! Add to this that even after a long voice call, the phone is cold to the touch which is unlike any phone I have had before. Monday will be the true test for me when I have a full business day, leaving for the 6am train into London, all day in meetings taking notes, a few conference calls and a load of HSPDA internet browsing on the train as well as a bit of GPS thrown in for good measure. When I did a day like this with the Touch Pro, it was screaming for a charge by the time I got home in the evening. Lets see how this one copes. On a side note about batteries however, I upgraded my S710 to WM6.1 a couple of weeks ago and the battery life on that almost doubled!!! I get a feeling there is some really poor power management code on the S710 default software but nobody had ever noticed (until now).
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