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  1. One diappointing thing is, that you aren't able to change the order of channels. If you go to Settings --> Channels you'll see all enabled/disabled channels for the EPG according to your TV provider. The problem is, that you can't change the order of the channels. E.g. my provider in Germany has BBC on channel 52 as standard. I reordered my channels. BBC is on 12 for me. The HTC One shows the information of what's running actually on BBC, but when I click on it, the remote changes to channel 52 which is some unimportant selling channel. I desperately hope, that HTC will update the SenseTV or some genius will enable that.
  2. Na. The Flipboard Widget is a 4x2 Tile with changing content in a specific interval. Nothing eye candy like BlinkFeed, So far I must say, I like Sense 5. Its minimalistic design is eye charming and blinkfeed is a good idea. Hopefully they'll give us the ability to add own feeds instead of just the predefined ones with an update later this year.
  3. Mine is gone to. Looking forward to get them from xda-developers...
  4. Hey Paul, Any chance to get the new base for the tegra version as well?
  5. Thanks, already found out. But another issue came up. Since running MCR i can't use mp3. While trying to hear a song or setting up an mp3 as ringtone, the device freezes and restarts shortly afterwards. The glow ball demo from nvidia is also crashing the phone and causes a reboot. Any tips on that?
  6. Hey folks, anyone missing the menu button within google play? Don't have a hardware button, so it is impossible for me to jump to my apps... And if I removed the HTC Lockscreen, how am I able to put additionals apps on the Standard Lock Screen? Thanks in advance
  7. Cool, will test it right now. Any chance, to get your modified, extremely energy saving kernel you mentioned some weeks ago? Desperately needing it...
  8. Hey Paul, played a little bit with both roms, stock & custom. Even after wiping everything I get force closes on bgb and acore. May you have a look? Thanks in advance
  9. First thanks Paul, installed it right away and will report back. Second: Did you included the battery saving kernel you mentioned earlier this week? Regards from Berlin K.
  10. voice search activation, modaco's app of the day tweetdeck columns and a possibility for linking contacts to start google navigation
  11. I can understand the guys wanting a sense free rom. Sure they implemented few nice new things for sense, buuuuuuut: It is to less configurable for me. Resizable widgets, scrollable widgets, scrollable 15-shortcut dock at the bottom, completely skinnable - that's what LauncherPro is delivering me. The widget I bought additionaly was Weather & Toggle because of the sense-skinnable clock with weather animation. That's a really eyecandy thing I don't wanna miss :rolleyes: And for all the impatient people here:
  12. I can confirm this. The funny thing is, that the weather layer goes over everything. When I have opened navigon and switch on the phone, I got the cloudy Berlin on my phone while driving... :)
  13. That's the way it has to work. When you switch off the Wifi, the 3G modem has to do the normal connect. So the 10sec lag is normal.
  14. I might remember, that Paul stated out, that he got Sense independend to the android version some weeks ago. As I understood he's able to include sense even in never versions of android.
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