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  1. Hi! I found interesting option in registry in C600 (ROM from i-mate SP5). You can turn on flashlight for camera, but i don't know where is flash lamp xD (joke). Maybe I can connect flash lamp to mini-USB... ? HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> Software -> HTC -> Camera -> Common -> FlashLight Value data: change 0 to 1. Press Done. And now in window of camera on bottom the icon of flashlight will appear. But where I can get flash lamp? :/ Thanks for the answer :(.
  2. I too have the same problem, please help. I added many plugins, which need homescreens and I have the same problem now :).
  3. How can I get tgetfile.dll :) ? In /Windows/ is no this file. Or how can I uninstall this emulator? In Settings-> Uninstal programs isn't this program. Please, help me, sorry 4 my bad english.
  4. Hi, I'am a new user and I'm from Poland. I'm 14 years old and I don't know well English, sorry for this :P . If topicis is in bad section I'm sorry, I please about transfer to other section. Somewhere I read that SPV C600 have screen, which can display about 262.000 colours in 18 BIT depth of colours. Default
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