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  1. Even so! it's not like we couldn't run Manilla 2.5 on omnia we just dont have the right 3D Drivers (hence the white squares). And since I can see no 3D in MaxSense, I See no reason why not to try to port it! Furthermore: Resolution has never been a major problem before for porting software! and Since when, have any "intensions of not releasing" ever prevented a cab from being released on XDA or Modaco? I just say: Don't dismiss it before you try it!
  2. Actually Max Sense is BASED on Manilla 2.5 and not FOR Manilla 2.5. And since it doesn't have all the 3D eye candy TouchFlo3D has, there is no reason why it shouldn't work on Omnia. Anyway this interface really looks like a copy of Infinity, which means that if we can't port it for Omnia we could just try to get a theme and widgets to replicate it.
  3. Me too! Same Problem maybe it's the WAD version. I'm using the latest!
  4. Could you , Please, export your theme and post it here? I love this theme. Thanks in advance.
  5. It has something to do with Third party UI's because I have the bug when I'm using SPB MS3 and M2D2 (not sure about PointUi) but it doesn't happen when I use Titanium. By the way, I'm using Bruno Addler's PTG ROM.
  6. I'm using the PTG version now! Only bug I found was with the keyboard. There are two Keyboards that if you chose them, nothing appears on screen. But If you chose any of the others they work (just not on the keyboard menu, you have to chose it by long-pressing the keyboard button. The theme is very nice. and I think it doesn't have the sms bug. Don't Know if it has the sleep bug (if it doesn't, it's a keeper) I would prefer an M2D version, but if anyone can tell me where to find the Portuguese version of m2d2 I'll install it myself, no sweat! Otherwise there's no point in having the OS in PTG if the rest of the UI is in English. Otherwise it's one of the fastest ROM's I've tried (and I tried allot of them). Thanks, Great work.
  7. I Don't get it. I got all the bugs mentioned before but I didn't have any problems with the GPRS connection. Plus I found some more bugs: 1. It still has the sleep bug (just not as often as other ROMs I tried) 2. I recently went to the UK and had to turn off HSDPA to be able to make phone calls. I don't know if it's a problem with UK networks or Roaming or with the ROM itself. There were 3 things that I missed in your ROM: nodata, Favourite Settings and Jblend (I just had to install them myself, no biggie). It's also the best one in terms of battery until now. I would still be using it if it wasn't for the SMS bugs. (the SMS writing bug is not new. I had it in much older ROMs. I remember that it had something to do with the keyboard version. if my memory is right I fixed it before by installing a Samsung Keyboard CAB I had in my SD).
  8. I'm using the M2D2 Rom and I find it the most stable ROM I've used until now. I'm sticking to it till you release another one. By the way! What's up with the new WM Keyboard? I've seen it around but never found it in any ROM until now! Congrats, Great ROM!
  9. Downloading now! I hope it's a great one as usual! Happy New Year!
  10. Infelizmente tenho de dizer que a ROM tem o problema no Menu Iniciar já relatado anteriormente. Tentei fazer Hard Reset várias vezes. Ainda tentei copiar os links da Pasta Menu Iniciar para a pasta Start Menu, mas não obtive nenhum resultado. Deve ser um problema no Registry!
  11. Finished Flashing now the PTG ROM. Great expectations. Thanks Bruno. Obrigado! finalmente uma Rom PTG :-)
  12. Don't worry! As far as software is concerned, you have the same chance of bricking the phone as with an original ROM. It's not the software that bricks the phone, It's the flashing (if it goes wrong)! So, if you don't want to take the chance of bricking your phone, you shouldn't flash at all! Doesn't matter which ROM you flash or what software it has cooked in, you always risk bricking your phone! Even with an untouched ROM.
  13. Nope, and if you keep pressing on the button when you move the cursor it doesn't disapear!
  14. When i say slightly works, it does work but its very glitchy. You need to hold down the optical mouse for a few seconds and the cursor then appears :D and works like normal, but once you select another options e.g. games, you have to hold it down again for the cursor to come up :(
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