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  1. What's the dual-boot / switch like? Can you switch back and forth between Android and Windows, or do you have to shut down each and reboot? That's a deal breaker for me if it's not flicking a switch to go between...
  2. This is a bit odd - I'm moving house again (got a baby now and need more space!) but never received an email notification of your reply, and have been too busy to catch up on MoDaCo (got a baby now and have no spare time!) I still have it - any offer acepted, although I reckon £2.50 should comfortably cover the postage.
  3. Damn! Just signed up to 12mths with O2 paying £7.50 for their "unlimited" (200MB) package. Would have gone with Vodafone just for this!
  4. Works on my Orange M600 with a T-Mobile sim. I'm not actually within the 1700m radius it reckons I am... It is useful, but only to a point. I'd use it for if I was lost and just wanted a help getting to roughly the right part of the map!
  5. I've just moved house and found I've still got my original SPV keyboard (won in one of the original MoDaCo meet ups in Birmingham!) I'm using my M600 now, and whilst I'm keeping the SPV itself to one day appear on Antiques Roadshow and make me a few bob, the keyboard is taking up space. I was going to put in eBay, but thought I'd post here first to see if anyone would be interested? EDIT: Am willing to give it away to anyone who will pay P&P!
  6. I've got this now, on an unlocked Orange M600 (HTC Prophet)... ...now on T-Mobile ;)
  7. I've had to uninstall it. With it installed, whenever I open Hotmail from PIE, it automatically closes it! :-(
  8. Name: Steve Wright Model: Orange M600 (HTC Prophet) Software: IPL - 2.10, SPL - 2.10.0000, GSM 02.07.20, OS - Findings: Icon in Start Menu appears in \Programs\, not \Programs\Games\ Interference with Batti (which causes screen flicker) Can still use stylus to click on items on desktop below (e.g. GSM info / Volume settings) Image from camera is reversed, making up/down left/right movement confusing! No way of getting back to the menu?!? without using stylus as previously described Good start though, keep the releases coming! Fishopolis_log.txt
  9. What I'd really like (given that I'm Orange so can't afford an "unlimited" GPRS plan) is a program that every hour does the following: Turns on WiFi Connects to an access point Checks to see if it can access the internet (ping a server) If not, then try another available access point, or turn off WiFi if none are available. Do a send/receive from Pocket Outlook Turn off WiFi. Maybe I'm just lazy :rolleyes: but is this kind of thing possible?
  10. Will this work with a T-Mobile SDA? If I don't want WMP10, is it worth the hassle?
  11. My T-Mobile SDA has this ability to change the right hand soft key from the Settings screen! ;)
  12. I just phoned OneStopPhoneShop to buy an SDA from T-Mobile, and was told that "T-Mobile were discontinuing this product". Equally, www.scancom.co.uk says they have MDAs in stock "but not for long" They do have SDAs however, one of which I have ordered.
  13. It's a network setting, and one the original SPV (I still own) cannot change. I changed it by putting my SIM in another phone, one that could! Don't know if you can now with WM 2003. If not, try googling for the GSM code, which will be a case of dialing something like *#something here#*
  14. He means the liitle o_o icon. It doesn't work on O2 - they don't have that feature on their network. Same on my Nokia 6600. Seems a bit silly, it's sooo much better than getting a text saying "You have 1 voicemail" which just clutters your Inbox.
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