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  1. Hi hp1. AFAIK the Jog wheel and the Jog pad are tied to the same functionality. i.e when you're on your Today Screen, both the wheel and the pad will scroll you up/down the screen (i.e through your today screen calendar, tasks, messages etc). When you select the Volume icon, again, both wheel and pad will change the volume. So, sorry, but everything points to "no, you can't". :) (it would be nice though, I agree. My P910 had this feature too).
  2. Thanks Jimbouk. but..... i'm getting conflicting information. Elsewhere on this site in the HTC Trinity forums I saw a number of posts that confirm that you have to use a different SMTP server depending upon your connection type (dammit, I can't find them at the moment - but they're there). I have found this to be true myself. As a simple experiment, after seeing your post yesterday (thanks), I tried using my WiFi Email settings when roaming (didn't work) and tried using my GPRS Email settings when at home (didn't work). So it does seem to be true that you need to either keep modifying your email settings depending on where you are or, (my preference), have two accounts set up. Unless I'm doing something else wrong? :) For your other info about Authentication... ahh yes, what you say makes sense, but raises another question. What is it, then, that makes a server (such as a work server and firewall) think that email is SPAM? I know that if I use Webmail from the same account (i.e. not my PDA), then the mail gets through... so something about the SMTP server or the way i'm using it from my Phone/PDA, makes some email receiving servers think it's SPAM. Any ideas? Help appreciated.
  3. Please help. I've been flogging a dead horse recently trying to get my SPV M700 (Trinity) on Orange to push emails properly. So far, I've been successful in setting up a GPRS Email account that uses a POP3 server from my email provider (bluebottle in this case), and using the Orange.net SMTP server. I've also set up a WIFI Email account that uses the same POP3 server (bluebottle), but this time, using the OrangeHome SMTP server. So all's well so far. When I'm on the roam, I can use my GPRS account and send and receive emails over the air. When I'm at home I can use the WIFI account and send and receive emails through broadband. :) Here's the but.... It seems that the Orange SMTP servers do not support Authentication. (can anyone confirm?). This means that when I send emails from my Phone, they disappear off somewhere, but seem to get blocked by SPAM filters at the receiving ends. For example, I emailed my work account last night and the email did not arrive this morning. I emailed my other (less secure) accounts, and the emails arrived. So I am thinking that the lack of Authentication on the SMTP Server is allowing SPAM filters to block my emails. :P (oh, and before you ask, YES I have got "Authentication" and "Use Separate Settings" configured on my Phone, but I believe this does not matter if the SMTP Server does not support it. I feel stuck now, because I think it's true that you have to use the same SMTP server as your airtime provider (in other words Orange.net when using GPRS or 3G, and OrangeHome when using WiFi) (which is why I was forced to create two accounts effectively looking at the same emails) Any advice will be gratefully received.
  4. Hi tryguy Isn't this a simple case of you are now using POP3 whereas you were using IMAP before? AFAIK, POP3 deletes from the server when you retrieve it, so you can only use one device (Phone OR PDA OR PC). But IMAP stores the emails on the server so you can access them from anywhere (coffee shop, work, home etc). If I'm on the right lines here, you should try setting up a POP3/SMTP email account on your DASH instead of IMAP/SMTP. ...just a thought... :)
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