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  1. 1) I think that the keyboard is broken, it looks like there was spilled aqua over it. 2) Normally if you surf to http://m.youtube.com it must work. 3) you can end a call to push the red phone button, if that doesn't work I think again that it has something to do with aqua. I hope you didn't pay a lot for this phone.
  2. Me I had the problem that all my sound was on but still if someone calls or sms I didn't hear nothing. after looking it was the profile that was on silence (push the power button for 3 sec and after choose profile). Hope this can help for you. After to change it to default all works perfect.
  3. I called to my shop and explane it. I can bring my smartphone back in. On phone that come back from repair i have 3 months warranty. So thats good.
  4. I just tested a lot with the sim cart. and if i don't put the sim cart fully in the slot then my battery is at 0% in no time, he does not say that my sim is failed but i don't know why he go so fast at 0%. If i put my cart fully in then its ok I think. But I must put him in the charger again and then reboot to have the normal battery % again. Can someone test with his HTC if he have the same problem? If you do not put the sim fully in but just that you can close the tab. Then put vox on and wifi. Thanks
  5. I just test my Smartphone without a sim cart and it does verry normal. So i think it's the sim cart because when i open the sim cart when the gsm is on he fall off. And i put my sim cart in and it was normal but when i then put wifi on he go to 0% in no time. Can I fix this myself? I used to different sim cart from different operators. CPU: TI OMAP850 Speed: 201Mhz RAM: 64MB FLASH: 128MB ROM version: 1.34.405.1 Display Resolution: 240 x 320 Color: 65536 Model name: HTC_S710 IMEI : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Radio version:
  6. I have my HTC Vox for 2 years now. But just before my warranty was finish i had a problem with my keypad and keyboard. If i press the number 1 it say i push 156874. I go fast to the shop to give it back under warranty. After 3 weeks i have a new HTC vox S710 i was verry happy. But now when I full charge him and don't use him the battery stay good. But when i use WIFI or i look photos, sometimes send a sms my HTC just fall off and when i put it on again it say low battery. I find this not normal, it is still my old battery but before the battery works great. I see at the keyboard that my gsm is not so new and already been used i think. What can i do now? Because if I buy a other battery and it still have the problem I buy it for nothing. I have the original rom on my HTC and i flashed also the rom from Windows 6.1 and 6.5 but i always have the same problem. I tested it with wifi fully charged battery then wifi on and afther 2 min it was dead. What is the best too do? Call the shop too see if i have again 2 year warranty on this gsm are send HTC a mail, are you people say it is the battery and with a other battery it will work? Thanks.
  7. No, everything was fine. Now yesterday I edit my calander note and saved it again. Yesterday everything was fine. I waiting for today, hope it popups again.
  8. The title says everything. Normaly my mobile reminds me every day at 10pm. But now for a week or 2 he doesn't do that anymore. Don't know why. Everything is still as it was and I can see the reminder but my mobile does not remind me anymore. Can someone help me with this problem? Thanks
  9. Don't have this problem m8. Maybe you must change the settings in the profile.
  10. I had the same problem today, was testing some new wireless router until my phone keeps making error reports and the memory is full. Then suddenly my phone hangs up. I turn my phone off and on and keeps rebooting. I search on google and came to this site where they say to put out battery and mem card. I did it and it works for me. Thanks people. I hope they give us soon a firmware update with lot of bug fixes.
  11. Yes, I have the same problem, I get a timeout. Don't mather if I use FireFox or Internet Explorer. Can someone post the program here? thx
  12. Thx, really helpfull. Can you please do something for me. My "Office Mobile" map has no Icon anymore. I want it back. I think the code is in HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Shell\StartMRU\InitialOrder. I see there the Icon of the Game folder, Can you copy all the code in there and past it here. Maybe I can fix my Office Mobile map problem. thx
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