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  1. My replacement handset has just arrived this morning with less than a 24 hour turnaround from T-Mobile, so I'm quite impressed on that front. I'm giving it a big 1st charge before using it so I won't know until tonight if the speaker crackles on this one. Update: Well it was all going so well. I've got the phone charged and set up as I like it. So far it hasn't hung or frozen once, but then I made a phone call and found the exact same issue with this 2nd handset. The earpiece speaker buzzes or resonates. Not permanently, but you get a fair few buzzes in each sentence, so it's hardly what you'd call intermittent :) I guess I'll be calling T-Mob to arrange another exchange. Let's hope it's 3rd time lucky.
  2. I've had one since Tuesday, also from T-Mobile. The screen is brilliant and makes everything else looks small and outdated. However, the phone has some issues which you really wouldn't expect with a 1Ghz processor. It gets laggy when moving through TouchFLo/Sense UI tabs sometime. The HTC SMS application is buggy as hell with simple formatting errors such as dates from one message overlapping the body of another, and when I change the text display size it doesn't apply to all mesages so some have large text and some have small....random. There are other issues, mostly lagging and temporary freezing. I've done one hard reset so far and it hasn't made much difference, so I'm hoping T-Mobile release an updated ROM soon, or are no more than a coupe of weeks behind HTC's ROM release....I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  3. That's interesting to know. I'll try a day with 3G on and a day with GSM only and see how the battery level compares at the end of the day. As for the speaker, I'll be calling T-Mobile tomorrow to arrange an exchange ;) I have more issues which I hope will be fixed in future ROM updates, but being a T-Mobile customer means I have to wait for T-Mobile to release their çustomised ROM'or void my warranty.
  4. Number 3 is now solved. I must have had the browser running in the background when I tried to change it first time. I have a feeling I may be sending the handset back to T-mobile though as the speaker crackles, even on the lowest volume.
  5. Morning All, This week I finally got an HD2 through T Mobile. So far I think it's a great phone but I'm mostly playing with it while I wait for my number to be ported from Vodafone. So for I have found a few issues and hope there are some solutions around. 1) I believe T-Mobile have removed the app for switching HSDPA On and Off. Is there any way to get this back as I'd like 3G without HSDPA for improved battery life? I've looked on XDA forum and only have an option to switch between GSM or CMDA which I think is limiting me to either 2G or full HSDPA, not a 3G only option. 2) The YouTube app is missing but I've followed the tips on XDA-Dev and have it now. 3) The T-Mobile Web'n'Walk branding of Opera is annoying as it always ask if I want to go online before connecting. It also won't allow me to change the start page from the T-Mobile Web'n'Walk page even though I've got the Home page set as Google in Opera's settings. I have tried to copy over BrandedBrowser.exe with the Operal.exe but the original file is protected. 4) The ROM's not as stable as I expected. I've had the HD2 hang on me a couple of times. I've done one hard reset and it has been better since then. I'm going to resist the temptation to flash the newer 1.48 ROM from HTC as I don't want to be voiding my T-Mobile warranty just yet. Cheers, DC
  6. I've now got mine through T-Mob as a new customer, although I also had some customer service issues and ended up waiting in for two days on the trot for the phone to arrive after they failed to process the first order correctly.
  7. I went into the T-Mobile store in Kingston Bentalls centre this evening. They had one handset in there for the staff to use before they get handsets to sell to the public next week. They told me that some of the larger stores have got them for sale this week, but they won't have stock there till next week. They also had no info on prices. I had a play with the one handset that they had and I absolutely loved it. I am definitely gettin one, it's just lightyears ahead of the i900 Omnia I've got, even with a 6.5 custom rom. The staff member who was with me said he wanted to slate it when it came in for being WinMo and touchscreen (he's an Apple fan and hates touchscreen keyboards) but even he was smitten by it. Very nice, very desirable and I could see no sign of the camera fault that's been reported recently. DC
  8. Excellent, It'll be the first thing I do when I get home from work tonight :D I've put Hammer's V10 rom on my phone to see if it's got the sleep bug too, and it has :D I would like to get the standard Omnia and the Orange windows start screen in a cab if possible. Is there a link to that on the forum somewhere because your ROM, without the sleep bug and with a standard boot screen would be 100% perfect for me :D
  9. I've found with problem with a few of Nick's ROMs. It's a bit random, I've had 23504 M2D installed for a week and it's only just started freezing today. It's a real pain, as it's the only problem I have with these ROMs. Without the bug Nick's ROMs are perfect :)
  10. You can get them on ebay (http://shop.ebay.co.uk/i.html?_nkw=i900+touchscreen+digitizer&_sacat=0&_trksid=p3286.m270.l1313&_odkw=wholesale+and&_osacat=0) and the dissasembly guide is here http://www.formymobile.co.uk/omniadisassembly.php It's not that difficult to do, just requires some patience.
  11. I'm using it and really impressed so far. Much much nicer to use than previous versions. Also, the optical pad works as a mouse pointer when the page is zoomed out on the WM6.5 roms. That's the first time I've seen the optical mouse work on a 6.5 rom :)
  12. I'm trying to get booksync to work on my Omnia, but I keep getting the same error message. It loads up, then I get a Cannot Connect message stating " Cannot connect with current connection settings. To cahnge you Connection Settins tap setting" The thing is, everyother app on the phone can connect to teh internet just fine. What do I need to change to get tihs one working? DC
  13. I've just found the same problem on mine today. I'm, running Nick's Titanium only 20375 ROM.
  14. Is there a way to set Opera as the default browser so that hyperlinks in emails open in Opera and not IE? Also, still looking for a left handed NEO theme. Where does Neo come from? I get that TItanium is the stock MS WM6.5 GUI, where did Neo's layout come from?
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