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  1. very impressed with price, i will be picking one of these up asap
  2. along with the galaxy 3 I expect samsung to announce the release of ics for the note.
  3. bang tidy its friday!

  4. Must admit I will be swopping out my galaxy nexus for one of them bad boys :) Now having owned a white galaxy s2 I said I'd never bother again but... white does look sexy :D
  5. after a few months using my galaxy nexus I will be jumping back to htc in a heart beat. I still dont have a car dock samsung!!!
  6. @comicbookguy Out of interest which bootloader you using?
  7. I used some nfc disc's I got from rfidshop to place them around my life i.e. car work home and even the shed to switch basic function on or off and to place the phone on silent or not. People at look are now getting used to me holding my phone up to the notice board at work lol <_<
  8. Thanks for the tip...... going to try this myself now as the camera is the only thing stopping me using this rom.
  9. The only safe way I use is just before copying over a rom onto my phone for flashing is with root explorer (or any other file explorer)is to select everything and delete it. This means only your rom once dragged across is on the phone after formatting system / data / cache ect in cwm . Would be nice if someone got around to fixing cwm to format everything and then mount correctly ;)
  10. must say this thing is both good on battery and speed to say its stock with tweaks <_< in fact i'm sticking with this over all the aosp roms out there because everything "just works well!" thanks for all your hard work paul!
  11. when ever this happens to me I wipe dalvik and cache (but NOT system) and try again ;) something may be tripping the new version of android (rom) your trying to run.
  12. great tool, very useful thanks :)
  13. when you dial *#06# into the dialer do you get an imei number back ? if so your ok and will be able to fix it however if you get nothing back or 0000's then unless you have a backup of the efs folder its samsung repair center :( see here for more details.... http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1068193 BTW - this is not rom related, the folder question never gets flashed by any rom however it can become corrupted at random.
  14. passwords for locks are kept in a system folder called efs, this folder does not get flashed by any rom. You should make a back of this folder for safety reasons. read full thread for details http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1068193
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