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  1. I don't think it is a huge problem, as I don't think many of the users are on Hotmail. But it certainly bugged me! Glad you are good to go.
  2. Vario I had WM5? If so, then MS took off the windows Live application from WM6 I have placed a cab file I got from xda-devs on my shared files: http://www.4shared.com/file/40410320/43313...rified=165ea9ff
  3. Here is a whole discussion: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread...keyboard+sounds
  4. Did you Hard Reset after the flash? It has been reccommended to always do so.
  5. Glad to hear you chime in with this Paul. I am anxious to get the new release if it is stable.
  6. Well, is there anyone that is happy with the update? I am happy with TLR's last release, and I'm thinking that maybe I should hold off on this update? Seems a little buggy? - Kevin
  7. I am a lazy dolt. I found in the advanced menu where to date/time stamp the files!
  8. I mean naming the photo with the date/time. Or alternativly, creating a separate folder for each day and have that be the save location. Like I said, my cingular 2125(Tornado/Typhoon?) had this built into the OS of WM5. I just think this would help in sorting all of the pictures taken. I do use the HTC album, but I would just like a little help when navigating in the file explorer.
  9. My old 2125 used to create timestampted folders that the photos would sit in. would be nice to have this happen, or at least have the photo name time stamped. Anyone else thought of this?
  10. Could you clarify the 'Bluetooth option'?
  11. Thank you for this. I do indeed have fTouchFlo installed, not running by default, but I guess I have always had it running when I tried this. Thanks again!
  12. I think I found something with this ROM. My align screen no longer responds to presses! I am wondering if a hard reset is necessary(again), because seems like the alignment is off? I first noticed this last week when I was having trouble dropping down the task manager in the upper right screen. I thought it was the screen protector that was peeling off, but now that I cannot even align the screen, I wonder... Anybody else have this issue with (this) ROM? I am not sure if it something else interfering or not... - TIA
  13. 1. There is an app out there called SIM2Copy~ or somehting like that, which allows copying to and from the SIM card. My suggestion would be to sync up your contacts with outlook, and then delete them from your phone. I don't know if a was to do it en mass, but I am sure you could google it. 2. If this is a Domain based email account, there should be a option to leave a copy of the messages on the server, so that your desktop would retrieve a copy as well. I think your sent items would follow suit, but I have not had Domain based emails in a while. You also should also be able to select Menu>Tools>Manage Folders>, and syc your folders by checking the box. 3. I am not a game guy 4. Not sure what you mean? Like Windows Device Manager? - Kevin
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