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  1. did not have problem 2 and 3 yet, only the keyboard issue. using the tytn II now for one week
  2. there is a strange problem with Kaiser hardware keyboard. it seems to be missing fast key presses for double-letters, like the 'pp' in 'happy' or 'll' in 'hello'. the second letter sometimes doesn't show up, if you type fast. its weird because typing eg dfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdf quickly, nothing gets lost. only fast typing double letters. any solution here?
  3. sorry to say, but this is absolutely not true!! even the Kaiser is ringing via the speaker when a headset is connected. My complaint was about the alerts not being audible over the speaker and NOT the ringing tone. with all 5 Nokia devices, I checked (E90, E 61, N95, 6310i and 9300) it is standard that you hear the voice of a call only over the headphone and the alerts on the speakers. It is typical Microsoft crap that Windows Mobile has no feature to enable this. It is theory that you unplug your headset all the time, when you are using it mainly for calls. If you have to do so, you will throw your device out of the window after 2 days of frustration, promised. And by the way: If your theories would be correct then you would not hear any alerts when connected with a bluetooth headset, which you are certainly not wearing the whole time, do you? but with bluetooth. Microsoft enabled all the features I am asking for as well fort the USB headset. you put on the headset when a call comes in and put it off again when it is finished. then the device lies on your table or somewhere else and you don't hear when a SMS is coming in. GREAT!!
  4. of course it plays ringtones. what are you talking about? ever used a headset?
  5. sorry, but this is total nonsense. I do not expect to get sounds like playing music out of the speakers, but I do for the phone linked noises like ringing and sms notification. If I carry my phone in the pocket and I have my hedset connected, because I want to use the once a phone call gets in, I still want to hear the phone noises. There are differences between phone alarms and music playing. The one is phone/radio linked (not available on pocket pc and normal laptops but on Pocket pc phones only) the others are device linked. There are also two different loudness sliders (one for phone one for device) and again: every othe phone I know (nokia, samsung, etc.) is able to make a difference here. so it is definitely something to think about. a phone is not a PC, so your comparison is not very accurate. If you don't want to hear any noises on phones, you put it on silent mode! but if I have my headset connected, I still want to hear the phone alarms.
  6. of course, there are. it is not such a problem, software wise to make a difference between reminders and playback music, etc. you hear the ringing tone when the USB headset is connected, right? so why not the reminders? don't think, this is a stupid question, all nokia devices perfectly work this way.
  7. when the USB headset is connected, I can't hear the notifications for incoming emails/SMS, etc. anymore on the phone's speaker. only via the headset. as nobody wears the headset all the time, this is pretty nonsense. any tweaks there?
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