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    Swype Keyboard

    Swype is awesome !!! I use it for at least a month and will keep it for sure !!! The only point I would like to see improved are: - A way to remove some languages. Indeed I only use English ad French. - A way to mix 2 dictionaries or a faster way to switch between 2 dictionaries. - Bug: I mostly use the French keyboard and quite often, it says it is in the french layout but the keyboard displayed is the qwerty one.
  2. Does anyone knows a way to mimic the iPhone UIDatePicker and even more generaly the UIPicker Control ? I would really like to be able to improve the way to enter dates when creating a gcal event. UIDatePicker UIPicker
  3. I'm getting a really annoyin bug on the Android 2.01 (running on a Motorola Milestone). 1) Go to the Planning view. 2) Create an all day event (eg from 10/02 to 12/02). 3) The event displays nicely in the Planning View. 4) Tap the event (again in the planning view). => The event will show starting one day earlier !!! How does Google knows that I procrastinate so much !!! Anyone having this issue ? Anyone NOT having the issue on the same device ? I entered a bug on Google Code bug got no reply: https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=6569

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