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  1. My device will no longer sync email when connected to windows live, when i try to send and receive it says ' deleting messages from server '. Then on the screen appears ' the following errors occured while sending and receiving mail ' , ' Failed to delete a message, sync failed '. Any ideas ! Many thanks in advance
  2. I have the same problem, I have upgraded from wm5 to wm6 I now get the message 'a network card is not present '. Any ideas anybody ? Many thanks
  3. Is there another way to lock the keypad apart from holding down the 'red' end call button. This is normally OK, but if I have an active GPRS connection (i.e signed into msn messenger) holding this key disconnects me from GPRS.
  4. chalkyf1


    Many thanks for the help so quickly. Start menu is much better now.
  5. chalkyf1


    Is it possible to change the the order of the start menu ? This would help so I could have my more frequently used programs on the first page of the menu. Any ideas !!
  6. I am currently using my friends E200 on the Movistar network in Spain. All i done was paid his contract up and we were given the unlock code which I entered in the phone. As you may know when you enter an incorrect sim card the phone asks for this code. All is working fine.
  7. chalkyf1

    MP3 Ringtone ?

    Can anyone tell me if I can use a MP3 track as a ringtone on my E200. If so how do I get it on to the phone, Many Thanks.

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