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    PDF viewer

    I interpreted adobe acrobat reader that was for Pocket PC windows mobile 2003 would be good for smartphones. I was wrong, for it failed. I'll try clearvue and hopefully it will install on the I600.
  2. Brooktone

    PDF viewer

    Where can I find a pdf viewer for the samsung I600 with windows 2003? I wasn't able to install adobe acrobat version for smartphone as it failed on the installation.
  3. Tried installing in win 2003 samsung i600 in storage / applications / homescreen, and cannot get homescreen to work. Any suggestions?
  4. It seems windows 2003 doesn't report a new voice mail message on the screen until 2 hours to 2 days later. Has anyone else had this problem? It certainly presents a problem in getting back to people promptly.
  5. I purchased my phone in January. The Verizon tech wasn't able to upgrade the phone for some reason, so they gave me a brand new phone with win 2003, not a refurb.
  6. I had Verizon update my phone to win 2003. I've used it for 2 days, and found that both the slim and the fat batteries drain much faster than they did under win 2002. Has anybody else noticed this?
  7. I have followed the instructions to the letter, installed the samsung driver, etc., and have waited and waited for the img file for win 2003 to download. Nothing happens. Verizon level 2 techs are no help, they basically suggest to go to a store and have it done there. Would anyone have the image file for 2003 that they could email me. Would appreciate it. My email address is [email protected] Thanks
  8. Brooktone

    Running .exe files

    do you see it as an cab file in file explorer?
  9. Brooktone

    Unlock i600?

    I believe the registry fix will unlock the phone for some applications but not all. Hopefully windows mobile operating system 2003 when available will allow us to install all applications.
  10. Sorry for the newbie question, but how do I find the clog file using the command line, and how do I modify the attributes. I was able to drag the clog file to the PC and renamed it call history.ink, but I didn't modify the attibutes as I wasn't sure how?
  11. Thanks for responding. Could you explain how to create the shortcut as their is no reference to call history in the IPSM/Windows/Start Menu folder, and I'm not quite sure how to recreate the shortcut.
  12. I can't find my call history on the I600, it doesn't show up in the listing of programs, although it had a couple of days ago. Is it possible the shortcut for it was deleted somehow?
  13. Thanks for the response Mark K. I'll call VZ customer support for this.
  14. My i600 when receiving a phone call rings 4 times than goes into voicemail, can I set it to ring 6 or 7 times so I can catch the phone call? If so how would I do this?
  15. I have one also and love the abilty to sync with MS Outlook and the ability to browse the web. I'm a little bit unhappy that I'm not able to access my aol email though. Also due to Internet Explorer being an older version, I'm not able to view some websites. It is nice to be able to have a phone / pda / laptop rolled into one.
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