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  1. After waiting a month to upgrade to see if t-mob would bring out diamond2 alternative I rang up t-mob 2 weeks ago to cancel my contract as i was going to go for the diamond2 but was convinced to stay, as the compact V was due out 21st. Today has finally came and now ive been told its a couple of weeks maybe more - is there any truth in this? i dont want to wait another 2 weeks to be told the same story again! the buzz of the phone will have gone by then and something new will be in the pipelines and then i'll want to wait for that! So my question is does ANYONE know when this phone is due out!? thanks in advance
  2. Im torn between touch HD and Diamond2 - my contract is up on t-mobile and im waiting to see what they can offer me for diamond2 (compactV out 21st may) can anyone comment? pros vrs cons? im loving the bigger screen on HD but diamond2 has a bit more appeal! let me know your thoughts! cheers!
  3. tried both these, to no success! really dont wanna hard reset!!! if worst comes to worse and i have to would any1 suggest 6.1 ROM????
  4. Yesterday i installed: - JUVS_HTC_Large_Title_Bar.cab - SRS_WOWHD_ARM.cab - Spb.Mobile.Shell.v1.2.0.cab and noticed some serious decrease in speed on the device and assumed it was spb mobile shell as it is installed on the phone and cannot be installed to sd so i went on remove programs function and removed spb mobile shell. After a minute or two the phone crashed and soon came up with the warning storage memory low about 6 times and crashed completly. After a soft reset it now loads to the t-mobile splash screen and freezes with the red writing in the bottom right corner. Anybody know what i can do other than hard reset as ive got loads of programs installed and it'll take me ages to get it back to its state. any help very appreciated!!!!!!!! cheers
  5. no even just leaving the device to turn itself off when waking up its still got the OEM unlock tried that.... :(
  6. Ive installed slide to unlock version S2U2-0.86-WM5.cab on my vario III and cant seem to get rid of the unlock keys combo is it possible? wheneveri turn the phone on there is a black screen but by pressing in the bottom left corner (the unlock button) the screen comes up with the ' tap unlock or press *' but i dont want this as when someones calling you cant even 'tap unlock' because you cant see it and im always missing calls. When the phone is on charge it doesnt do this??? i thought this was on pockettoolman but i cant find it there and ive checked all the OEM settings cant find it there either!! cheers for any help!
  7. Already have that set to long tones ;)
  8. This is what i have however the voice files dont work?? I installed both files (navigator and tomtom today) to phone, didnt work then tried installing to sd card and again said i had no voice files - i dont want to have all the voice files on my phone! btw im using version: TomTom NAVIGATOR v6.000 (7370) should i create a new thread? tried searching cant find any help!
  9. I found it quite useful on my old spv when im pissed up trying to type in a number ;) any1 got any ideas?
  10. Im trying to get the talking keypad (link) working on my kaiser but ive got the sounds linked up but when you press the buttons it only plays a little of the sound (e.g instead of "hash" it says "ha" and instead of "asterisk" it says "as") Any ideas how to fix it?
  11. Chnaged Name to desired name, connected to active sync but activesync just crashes? do i need to change OrigName to whatever it was called before??
  12. As title: How can i change active sync name on my O2 XDA Exec?? Ive searched the registry and cant find it! done a search on here but couldnt find the info :) cheers for any help!!
  13. same problem here - cant find any help!!!! :)
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