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  1. To be a little more objective here...and as a VERY long-time EPOC/ Symbian user who has converted to WM, the N95 has no keypad. The N95 has far too little memory. The N95 battery won't last for a flight across the country listening to music and have enough juice to call a cab when you land. So, no. I won't be waiting for the N95 and am glad that My upgrade w/ ATT is due in early October! :P
  2. Yeah! That's all really great and stuff. i can tell you, though, that since last week Wednesday, my cell phone on AT&T (an 8525) drops calls and drops dialing like a pigeon feasting on blueberries above a Ferrari garage. I mean, I haven't had a call since early last week that I didn't have to redial once or twice during the conversation. My understanding is that my experience with AT&T over the last few days is not atypical. Yes, the iPhone may be a contract breaker!
  3. WOW! Finally a proper replacement for my Psion Series 5mx! :) Who would have thought it would be a WM machine? Hey Paul, can you tell me if WM6 will play MP3 files for alarms and if it will read them from the memory card or do they still have to be in the phone's memory like on my 8525 (not that the Kaiser doesn't have3 plenty of memory to go around)? Also, any issues with the phone suddenly not being able to read the mem card as happens with my 8525? Oh! Yeah! SWEET Mazda! Thanks, Richard
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