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  1. Your welcome badbob001! :D Glad you guys enjoy it. I actually think the bigger icons you made looks better than mine. As much as I enjoyed the Shadow, there was just a few annoying things that I couldn't get over so I have exchanged and went back to the Blackberry side. :D It was fun the short time I had it though. Unfortunately I won't be skinning the neo theme anymore to share with you guys. Good luck tweaking those Shadows! I'll probably pop in once in a while just to see how everything is going. :(
  2. Here you go gbenrus25....
  3. I'm cool with it, glad you guys are enjoying it enough to continue modifying it. :( I took a quick peek at your zip and noticed you used the background with the shadow on the side. I can post the original wallpaper without the sides if you like.
  4. Cool! I was just wondering the other day if there was something out there that I can edit the phone's registry on the PC as I had a bunch of reg edits to make and doing it on the device was tedious. Thanks! :(
  5. hamsuplo

    Rearange the Start Menu?

    I haven't tried it myself but I ran across it which changing the start menu from icon view to list view. If you look under HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Shell\StartMenu on the registry, there is a Multi Line String key called Order. It lists the first 23 apps that was preinstalled on every Shadow. I believe you can rearrange your start menu here. Again, I haven't tried it so can't be sure if it works so you might want to back up the registry before messing with it. Have fun! :(
  6. Not sure if it's a must have but for those looking for a screenshot app, Ilium Software has a freeware that works very well. Once you open the application, it will map any number key, *, or # so when you are on a screen you want to capture, just click on that button and it will save the image in your My Documents folder. Only downside is that it only saves in BMP format so they are larger files than like PNGs. But can't really complain since it's free. :( http://www.iliumsoft.com/site/fp/screen_capture.php
  7. Awesome findings Kermit! Those would look good with the stock icons. Not sure if you knew but one of the PNG images in the Windows folder contains an image of the 3 aces also. Looks pretty sharp also. :(
  8. hamsuplo

    SpeedUp my T-Mobile Shadow

    Thanks for the link trickinit...however I don't think we are talking about the same thing. We are talking about the 4 startup processes that tmobile forces on reboots. They are SyncManager.exe (TMobile Address Book Sync), myFavesService.exe (related to MyFaves), My5MsgCenter.exe (related to MyFaves I think), and VoiceCmd.exe (Voice Command). SyncManager.exe and VoiceCmd.exe can be deleted if you go to Windows\StartUp so it will not start up on reboots. However, SyncManager will still start up on it's own after awhile.
  9. hamsuplo

    SpeedUp my T-Mobile Shadow

    Wondering the same myself since I don't have myfaves also. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable in that area can come up with a solution. I'm betting it's in the registry somewhere. :(
  10. Oh ok, I didn't know what you meant at first. Yeah, the icons were intentionally left out to keep the zip simple and small. Also, icons I used may not work for others since I added/removed a bunch of links/apps from the neo theme. Some may prefer another icon or the stock iconset than what I used. Reason why I posted where I got the icons from instead and let you guys use whatever fits your needs. If you guys want, I can definitely post the icons (at least the side menu) when I get home tonite. :D
  11. hamsuplo

    SpeedUp my T-Mobile Shadow

    FYI...can't say for voicecmd.exe as I actually use it, but syncmanager.exe will eventually start back up on it's own. I have also deleted the startup link for it but when I open up Celetask (3rd party task manager with processes tab), it's there. It may speed up the reboot process but unfortunately it will start back up later on and stay in memory. :(
  12. hamsuplo

    Screen not turning off?

    Your issue is slightly different from mine. Did you check Settings > Power Management? Maybe your "Display time out on battery" is changed to Never by accident?
  13. hamsuplo

    Screen not turning off?

    Not sure if you are having the same issue as I am. My display will turn off after 15 seconds if it is unlocked (screen brightness at normal). It will stay that way but sometimes I just want to check the time and would just press the action button (center button) or the navigation wheel and the display will turn on in dim mode. This is when the display will never turn off again. It will stay in dim mode until I actually unlock it and wait 15 seconds before the display to turn off. I'm thinking it's a bug.
  14. Go for it, I don't mind at all. We're all here to help and share. :(

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