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  1. bando

    Stylus come apart?

    I came up with an easy fix. at the tip of the stylus where the top half of the notch is, shave a little (very little) plastic off it where it would catch inside the device. Just enough so the nothc is not "squared" but a little rounded. Hope this makes sense to you. It worked perfect for me.. holds it snug, but not enough to make it come apart anymore!
  2. That's just like the mod I saw, but on a different site. It would be quite the challenge to fit inside the A701 (maybe substitute the mini-sd wifi chip?). My big question is would there be a way to deactivate it when not in use, but still use the memory card...? Or would it always be on?
  3. I read somewhere about a guy that took his device apart to expose the metal contacts on the SDIO slot. He then soldered a wifi card & tucked it away inside the device. This mod gave him wifi and since the slot was open he could add whatever size chip he wanted too. Not sure if I'd want to try it on the Mio but maybe an old device to see if it works..
  4. Anyone else have thier stylus come apart? On mine it's a pretty snug fit into the device and it came apart leaving my stylus pointer-half still in the device! I managed to work the piece out and put it back together but I need to re-crimp it a bit to hold it together for good... anyone else? (good thing it comes with a spare stylus) Brian
  5. Mine only came with one screen protector as well, but the Rolex that came with it in the box was a nice touch ;) This is my first PDA so I did not want to leave anything to chance with the screen.. I'm coming off a MPX-200, and like this WAAAY better!
  6. Come to think of it mine seems to do the same every so often. I'll notice the screen just come on out of nowhere. It may be the GSM network passing data or something...? also, what kind of screen protector is it on there? I like it compared to the other ones that get bubbles and are more flimsy. The one that shipped with the Mio is excellent but I got a small piece of lint under mine when putting it on. Can it be removed and washed?
  7. bando

    In call sound quality

    No, in fact my wife tells me I sound like I'm on a land line - perfect sound. It must have a stronger antena too because it works in a few places where my old phones did not work!
  8. bando

    Mio a701

    I can add that mine has great reception here in the States (California). Nice handset with a solid feel and not too big at all to hold up to your ear..!

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