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  1. I can't seem to get this to do what I'm after. It doesn't seem very intuitive. I have read the instructions of the website and I'm convinced that this will do what I'm after but I just can't get it to do it. Do I have to keep the program running? I thought it was meant to run in the background but it doesn't seem to do anything when it is. I've set it to persistent mode which is meant to record the location every 30 seconds but it just seems to do it at random intervals (1 minute, 5 minutes, 2 hours!). I've tested it when I've been outside so I wouldn't of thought it's an issue with picking up a signal? I just want it to log records in the text file for processing later. I'm not really interested in geotagging photos taken on my device. Any suggestions? Do you have any problems with it?
  2. Anyone? I'm sure something like this must exist?
  3. Can anyone suggest some good (and preferably free) software which allows me to use my Touch Pro like a GPS dongle for cameras. I've seen software which is supposed to geotag photos taken on the phone but I was after something that would just track my location to a file and then sync it with my photos to geotag them. Would I need to use 2 separate apps? One on my phone which logs my route to KML or something and another app for my PC which links the file with my photos? Sorry, I don't have much knowledge of this. I've just started manually geotagging my photos in Picasa and have realised how useful it would be to do it automatically in the future. Thanks.
  4. I was in a similar situation to you. I had an N95 which was getting on my nerves and decided to change to t-mobile and get a Touch Pro with unlimited data. I had two months left on my Orange contract but I just had to pay the value of the remaining months of my contract and they gave me the PAC code to transfer my number. You'll have to pay for the rest of your contact but they will release your number early if you need to.
  5. As most of you have probably heard, from tomorrow the BBC will be streaming all their channels live over the internet. The news articles I've read about this suggest that you'll be able to watch it anywhere in the UK with an internet connection, specifically mentioning mobile phones. I went to the iPlayer on my Touch Pro today and it said that it wasn't compatible with my version of Flash. As I understood it, this streaming would be done through the iPlayer so will it not work on WM? Anyone know if they'll be offering WMP/RealPlayer streams which will work with WM?
  6. I ran a macro in Outlook to set all of my contacts 'File as' fields to be Forename, Surname but this information isn't being transferred to my Touch Pro. Everything else is being synchronised properly. Anyone know why this might be?
  7. I just got a Touch Pro on T-Mobile from Expansys (thanks for the tenner off!). I love the device but the signal is poor to the point of unusable both at work (the center of Bristol) and at home. I've rung T-Mobile who said I should have "excellent" coverage in both my home and work postcodes. I've never been on T-Mobile before but I'd guess it should be better than this? It's ruining the device for me. Mostly because I can't make calls but there are so many web features on it that I can't use. Browsing around the web, it looks as if this is a problem for quite a few people. Anyone know of a solution? I have tried setting the band from "Automatic" to GPRS but that made no difference. When I put my Orange sim card in there, it's better but still significantly lower than when it's in my N95. Does anyone have anything to suggest? I REALLY don't want to have to send this device back. Anyone in the Bristol area who ISN'T having this problem. If so, it might suggest a faulty handset and I'll get it exchanged.
  8. Sorry to resurrect an old post but I just wanted to say thanks as well. I just got a Touch Pro today and couldn't get it to access emails or HTTPS sites. Turning off the proxy sorted it out, and seems to of speeded up my connection a bit to boot.
  9. iGo 8! That's it! Thanks, I'll look into that.
  10. I just bought a Touch Pro (should be delivered today) and I wanted to get some sat nav software to put on it to make use of it's in-built GPS module. I'm a bit out of the windows mobile loop, can someone please recommend some good sat nav software, preferably with pedestrian routes. Oh, and I'm a bit of a sucker for eye candy. I remember seeing some software a while ago that had 3d buildings and looked pretty good but I can't remember what it's called
  11. I have been with orange for years and am currently using an N95. I'm getting really annoyed with my phone and want to get the Touch Pro. I hear Orange don't have any decent data packages and as I'm using data more and more I want to get a contract with unlimited data, or close to it. I just have a couple of questions: My contract with Orange isn't due to end until early January. Is it difficult to cancel it early? Do they charge a lot? I see that T Mobile Web n Walk seems to be popular around here. What's better about it in comparison to the data packages other networks offer?
  12. I really want to get a Touch Pro when my current contract ends in a couple of months. I just have a few questions I was hoping you clued-up people could answer... Now that HTC devices are being sold under the HTC brand, not as the phone networks' brands, is the same ROM on every device? I have seen in the demonstration videos that it comes with apps such as Live Messenger pre-loaded. Will the phone networks take programmes like this off? Also, does anyone know which UK networks will be carrying the TP and when. Are they all selling it as the Touch Pro or are some companies still rebranding them? I've been using an N95 for nearly 18 months and judging by all the reviews I've seen, I'm the only person in the world who doesn't like this phone. Although it has got me using internet on the go more. Is any particular operator better for unlimited internet packages? I remember that a while a go, everyone was on Web and Walk. Is this still the best one? Also, do all of the networks support high-speed HSDPA and is this generally included in the web bundles (or do they only include GPRS)? Sorry for all the questions. I've been out of the Windows Mobile loop for about a 18 months and I'm desperately trying to catch up!! :D Cheers.
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