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  1. No, i have also a desire since a couple of weeks update: just added my desire to my profile
  2. First i would like to thank the developers of this Froyo version for their effort! I downloaded the ZIP, put it on my SD and got into recovery mode on my desire. After wiping the cache and the data i started the installation of the r18 rom (from the kitchen) The installation was succesfull and i was able to boot my new rom! But when i reboot my device for the first time after installation, the boot process stops at the "HTC" screen with white background. I tried the above process several times with and without SD card, but my phone will not boot after the first reboot. I've waited about 30 minutes every boot but nothing happens, only the white background with green HTC text. What am i doing wrong? I rooted my device and installed r16 several weeks ago (with APS2SD) without any problems.. Edit: When i connect my MicroSD to my pc, i see that my ext3 partition has become corrupt or some kind..? And my swap partition has gone? Before the installation it was all good.. After repartitioning the same problem appairs after installing the ROM, my ext3 partition gets corrupt again
  3. Ok thnx, I'm still on FroYo but it would be handy to know what to do when it happens :rolleyes:
  4. Is this the problem market being slow? i had this to not only with FroYo but also with Eclair. anyways For me it fixed itself after killing it with taskiller.
  5. It looks normal. the battery drain on Nexus is huge when playing on the phone. mine drops to 20% in a a hour or 2. if this is how you use it it looks great. you almost had 100% battery almost for a hour mine drops down in just couple of minuts to 99. you shouldn't worry that much about the battery life. you have two batteries right charge them both and keep it with you i always did that. the battery isn't that big so not noticable it even fits in my wallet :). My kernel is 2.6.33-1-cyanogenmod and radio os .._4.04.00.03_2 What also can drain a lot battery is when you are on 3g if you not using the internet switch to 2G. low signal can also be a battery drain, it will keep searching for better signal.
  6. +1 You are right but this doesn't only happen with android, it's just how companies work. But what paul, steve and other guys do is really great they make my phone keep interesting and waiting for the next release. i wish i could help but i'm just not a developer :)
  7. Where is the beta ;) i always thought that after alpha comes beta version. anyways its great news can't wait to try it
  8. You can see the development in github :)
  9. WoW this is really great news, can't wait to see a stable desire port to nexus. Paul you are doing really great job. Where do you find time to work with this? hahaha anyways i think i will make a donation (not forgetting other people!) soon for all the all the hard work you are putting in nexus development. You guys(TCK, CM, MCR ....) make it nice to play with the nexus :)
  10. You don't need to flash the radio. use battery graph to see when the phone is using the most battery and keep track of what you are doing. i did that to so i know when my phone is using the most battery and i use taskkiller to auto kill everyhting (except apps in ignore list) when i go to standby.
  11. Which radio are you using right now? i'm using the radio that you mentioned. you can give it a try but be careful to not interrupt the update process
  12. What are doing the most on your phone? i see you are using bluetooth do you listen to music with a BT headset? Today i didn't used my phone that much. a little browsing, sms, gtalk and getting mail and updates. i'm on 77% battery and "6h 37m 10s since unplugged" i'm on stock battery and the official kernel from CM (no UV). I used my phone for 30 min :) If you are a heavy user the phone will drain battery so fast damn. But the battery life one nexus one is just bad it was much better on my Hero its just a fact so it doesn't matter if you are using UV kernel the most that you can save a hour of two. i have always my charger with me and charge the phone when i get the chance for. I think i got the best battery life with MCR rom. give MCR a try and look at the stats of battery usage
  13. you don't have to use SetCPU anymore. UV kernel does the same what SetCPU does. you can still use it to lower the CPU usage. but you don't have to use the profiles like lowering the cpu when in sleep.
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