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  1. If I'm not wrong, you're asking how to identify whether you got 3G or not? In Settings -> More -> Band Selection, there's 3 options there 1. GSM Only or Dual Mode, it contains "GSM Only", "WCDMA Only" (this is 3G), and "Dual Mode" 2. Start In, it contains "UMTS" (this is 3G) and "GSM" 3. Start search band -> this one I dont understand myself If in options #1 you choose either WCDMA or Dual Mode, you'll be able to see "3G" sign in your homescreen (along with battery status & network signal status) If you see "3G" means you're in 3G network and should be able to use video call etc
  2. I have upgraded my Asian O2 Graphite to WM6 sometimes ago, but I just realized now that I cannot get the MMS to work anymore. I notice that there is no longer a "MMS Network" in "Connect to" option under the GPRS Connection. if I dont have this, what "Connect to" should I chose? is using "Internet" the same? btw, I'm using Indonesian "Telkomsel" and "3" network, if anyone can provided me the settings for these network would be better. if not, just tell me what should I do w/o the "MMS Network" option available. regards, Alexyie
  3. update: After upgrading to WM6, I tried to put in the settings again, and it works
  4. I have successfully update my Graphite to WM6 using this UK ROM but no codewallet, jeyo sms backup, and still has clearvue office suite which is useless :D Edit: I'm using method number 1
  5. sent out an email, but 3care dont know oso, they are not familiar with windows mobile handset???
  6. gue bukan tinggal di jakarta neh, tapi di medan. anyway, i'll send an email to 3care to ask for this.
  7. I can't download the extended rom as I cannot access rapidshare, can anyone help me to copy out those xml files for me and send to bramx2001[at]yahoo[dot]com? btw, i need xml files for all indonesia + singapore network operator. thx in advance
  8. aku pake WM5 neh, bukan WM6, gak berani update sih, dan lagi jeyo sms backupnya kagak ada kan di WM6? settingnya uda kumasukkan semua, tapi gak berhasil bro translated: the setting already inputed, but not working...
  9. can anybody tell me how to setup MMS & GPRS for 3 (tri) Indonesia network provider? as it is not in the O2 Auto Config. the parameter i got from the network provider are as following: GPRS: APN: 3gprs User: 3gprs Pwd: 3gprs proxy: port: 3128 Homepage: http://wap.three.co.id MMS: APN: 3mms User: 3mms Pwd: 3mms proxy: port: 3128 Homepage: http://mms.three.co.id thx in advance
  10. alexyie

    o2 xda graphite ip address setting

    Using WLan IP Manager, my devices listed as below: - Bluetooth device - CheetahGSP1 - RNDISFN1 - USB Cable: - WWAN1 - WWAN1-internet-1 no such device as TNETWLN1 in that thread :)
  11. is there anyway to create folders inside Inbox / other predifined folders? just like "My Folders" and its sub folders in Nokia's smartphone? i want to create a folder for each contact i sms frequently, but cannot find the function in my graphite.
  12. alexyie

    o2 xda graphite ip address setting

    thx looeee, i'll give it a try as soon as i got time to. and will post back the result here
  13. alexyie

    o2 xda graphite ip address setting

    is there anyway to alter this setting using third party program maybe?

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