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  1. Sorry to hear about the misflash. I was not able to overcome the problem, and because my phone was still under warranty, I called AT&T and had my phone exchanged in lieu of "poor reception" and "lot of lost phone calls" My phone had the faulty inner antenna, so at the end they exchanged the phone. See this thread: http://forums.wireless.att.com/cng/board/m...ding&page=1 Your can't flash the phone back because the bootloader for the i600 is different, the RF section of the phone is also different, there is some hope because the PDA section of i600 will give you some functionality. Browsing through the forums I found this thread at xda-developers: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=375775 I haven't tried this yet, but in a nutshell, I believe with some limitations, your PDA still works, so in order to get files into your phone you may use a microSD card. I think what you need to do is: 1) Get a working bootloader for i607 and place it into a flash card. 2) Get the JumpSPL executable from the thread above, read instructions and place it into flash card. 3) Using a file manager, move those files into \My Documents 4) Execute JumpSPL, Load the bootloader file in memory and jump to the start address There are things you need to find like what is the start address for the bootloader code, if everything runs well, your phone will be immediately placed into bootloader mode, now running direct from memory, then using the ONENAND flasher, you may be able to flash back the eboot section of the phone, the phone RF section and the pda firmware. Good luck!
  2. The thrill of finding a solution is worth all the trouble. Hachete, ave you tried UST pro? Mm, and on a second though, perhaps AT$T may flash it back using JTAG, you may take the phone to an AT$T $ervice Center, at this point what else you may loose?...
  3. File Name: Samsung i600 single flash image downloader File Submitter: trinca File Submitted: 7 Jul 2007 File Category: Other - Uncategorized This is the flasher for i60x that allows to flash only individual regions of the firmware in Samsung i60x Click here to download this file
  4. File Name: Wireless test Launcher File Submitter: trinca File Submitted: 7 Jul 2007 File Category: Utilities - Phone Management This little WM utility allows to check if the WiFi module is working on SGH-i60x Click here to download this file
  5. I tried to use Romimage from MS platform builder, and after many attempts I gave up. I basically used a minimal CE.BIB and the patched ROM (nb0) file as the source to be inserted. It creates the Run-time BIN file with 4K blocks where it should be making it 128Kb ones. TO Do: Try an HEX editor with macro or script capabilities, to perform the following process 1.- Strip the HEADER + RECORD section from the original FLASH file 2.- Strip all zeroes preceding the patched ROM (NB0) before the start point 3.- Cut the patched ROM in 128K chunks (about 500 pieces) called blocks or records 4.- Calculate the Checksum 32 of everyone of these chunks and annotate it 5.- Make the HEADER of the RECORD annotating (in little endian) : Start Address - Lenght(Block Size) - Checksum 32 for every record 6.- Join the HEADER to the respective record. Iterate some 500 times until finished 7.- Insert the above joined (HEADER+RECORD) section into the stripped file in step 1 8.- Here comes the scary part : flash the phone with this MOD (just the PDA section) 9.- If successful, make a program to automate steps 1 to 7 Wish me good luck... On other comment: according to Texas Instruments, in the Code Composer Studio for OMAP processors, it can be connected to the phone via a COM port using HyperTerminal. Alternatively I think if we can flash the phone using this method and a ROM type NB0.... Perhaps no, as the flash program just connects to the phone using the Serial port when in Flash mode. This program also accepts img files, I tried to rename the nb0 file to img and didn't work. Does anybody know what these Samsung's img files are? Is anybody interested on this matter? Please don't just read the post, start replying... If we really want to MOD this phone, being it the BlackJack i607 or the European i600, we need to start doing some Reverse Engineering..., the people at xda-developers had started this way to master the HTC and similars.
  6. I was trying to cook a modded ROM for the i607, I was able to extract the nb0 from the bin file using cvrtbin & viewbin > then Mamaich's prepare_imgfs > viewimgfs > dump > modify/add/delete files > buildimgfs > makeimgfs and I know this is basically what you do with the Hermes ROM, however making it back to a BIN file has proven to be a "no go". I have tried splitrom.pl, rommaster, xipbin, etc, but I am afraid without the right utility this will not happen. Does anybody know if there is a Tool to convert the cooked nb0 back into WMx B000F bin file? There is an old tool for Mobilpro xipbin.exe, however the block size and lenght of ROM does not match. Doing the splitting in sectors and retrieving the checksum manually is going to take a lifetime... Just an idea: Could it be possible to use a blank CE.BIB with only the start and offset of the ROM and MS romimage together with the nb0 file above to recreate the BOOOF image? Any good ideas are welcome. Update: You can find more information here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=316647
  7. Not good news. As I haven't found pictures of the back of the i607 board, I decided to open the phone and take a look. Unfortunately I was not able to neither a WiFi chip nor a WiFi micro-antenna. I did find the bluetooth chip for this device being a BTTM46C2SA. The camera chip is also different. THis may explain why neither of 2 two thingsw do not work flashing the i600 ROM in the i607. THe BTTM46C25A implements also the functions of handset ansd speaker. Maybe the driver is different comparing one file with the other have different sizes. I will exchange this file and give it a try! The chip isa actually an implementation of the CSR BC04 bluetooth stack. Updated: Bluetooth device part# changed to BTTM46C2SA, the original post had a typo -Jul 15 2007-
  8. True. THe Samsung SWL-2560S may be the WiFi module inside the SGH-i607. I have seen very good pictures in one of the forums showing the board and the ICs. The pictures presented at the FCC are that bad to the point the names of the components can't be seen. Anybody knows where those pictures taken by forum dwelers may be seen?
  9. Updated: The WiFi module actually is not present! Please see the reply to the thread below Despite all the controversy regarding the widely commented issues of $ingular-AT&T disabling WiFi in the i607, I decided to do some research on my own, this is what I have found so far: The first thing I have done is to get the internal pictures from the FCC, I have not disassembled the phone, but I am pretty sure some of you guys have done that and maybe with better definition pictures. https://gullfoss2.fcc.gov/prod/oet/forms/bl...tive_or_pdf=pdf comparing the pictures with the schematic and block diagrams I have found here: http://rapi++++++.com/files/39420367/SGH-i...l_1221.pdf.html (you all know what the "+"s mean) I came to the conclusion that the IC in the corner marked MOD205 in the I600 schematic (the WiFi module), also exists in the i607. Then I had the need to try this hypothesis out. So looking for utilities I found wtestlauncher.exe in the ROM dumps for i600, you can grab a copy here: http://www.modaco.com/downloads.html&showfile=2321 Running the utility in the i607 does nothing when you select WiFi, however diagnoses your Bluetooth. Nothing strange so far, if the WiFi module is there it may not have the device drivers in place. Next question is: What those device drivers are? Back to the schematic in the i600. According to it this module is labeled SWL-2560S, and the purpose of it is disclosed here: http://www.sem.samsung.co.kr/cms/ifweb/en/...N&tmp02=app Next I wanted to see what the firmware for i600 does in my i607, and I heard the stories of apocalypses narrated by other fellow members, I though the best way to deal with it is to get the utility that flashes the sections separately, you can grab a copy from here: http://www.modaco.com/downloads.html&showfile=2323 To get the individual pda ROM from the upgrade file for the latest i600 unbranded (XXGD1), I used an HEX editor, knowing the PDA ROM starts with HEX 4230303046460A0000 and the phone ROM starts with HEX 060000EA3B00EA3B00 … , when located these code boundaries I was able to practicate surgery and extract out the pda ROM, using the above utility I flashed just this portion in the i607 With this arrangement the phone works perfect, the boot loader remains intact, so you can re-flash back if you want. There are some things that do not work: Camera Vibrator motor Bluetooth WiFi However this last one now appears at the configuration manager, but you can't turn it on. So I run the utility wtestlauncher.exe (this version of PDA ROM has it under the windows directory) and this is what came out: [2007.7.7 4:19] >>SGH-i600 WLANTEST Build:Oct 24 2006 18:46:27 TEST Start UART path to PDA - 2 Retry binding Retry binding Retry binding Retry binding Retry binding Retry binding Retry binding Retry binding Retry binding SEMCO Library binding failed MAC ADDRESS : 000278f0f0f0 Port(COM2:38400) is inititialized READY read command Message log dump complete. SEMCO stands for Samsung Electro Mechanics Co. Now, guys: Where do you think the MAC address come from??? If there is no device this MAC address will never show! The utility has queried the MAC address via a device driver! A quick look at the first 3 octets at http://standards.ieee.org/cgi-bin/ouisearch?00-02-78 gives this info: 00-02-78 (hex) Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., Ltd. 000278 (base 16) Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., Ltd. 314, Mae-tan-dong, Pai-dal-gu, Kyoung-gi-do, Suwon Suwon KOREA KOREA, REPUBLIC OF Any doubts now? This PDA ROM (i600) has a device driver, and the name is SWLD25SPT-T1710.dll. A look with pget from itsutils at http://wiki.xda-developers.com/index.php?pagename=XdaUtils shows it is loaded in memory and the utility reports the library is not binding, probably to the protocol or the transport layer. It has dependencies to CEDDK.DLL, CCCORE.DLL, which are also present. Maybe is a problem of registry settings, I am trying to find. The same thing may happen to camera and vibrator. I will continue with this research and keep you posted. I invite all other forum members with WM SDK, programming and other skills to join this thread and help the Reverse Engineering process.
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    This is the flasher for i60x that allows to flash only individual regions of the firmware in Samsung i60x


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    This little WM utility allows to check if the WiFi module is working on SGH-i60x


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