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  1. The manual says something about the backup battery should only really get used when changing main batteries, but could also get used as part of the Mobile/Call function (and not the PDA), when main battery is out. However with a new battery (if left on stand-by) you should get a couple of days (ish), unless your journey home was 3 hours of talking it should drain that much. Also for the charging information to say the backup is at 0%, and the main is almost full would indicate to me that the backup battery is faulty - suggest mentioning it to the company you got it from.
  2. Kermit75

    Ebuyer wifi card

    I've never had a problem with any e-buyer products. RMA have been handled fine - occasionally get delays because I go for the cheapest postage, which means they don't pack the items til the day before delivery, and sometimes they have been out of stock so have to change the item, but that is what I expect when having a long delivery time. The own brand products are cheap, but all of them have been the level I expect from 'cheap as chips' brands. I've known other companies with worse service records for the same products, but are more expensive, so I generally go to ebuyer for the price, and if unsure of a product then I go for a branded one. Got a Dnyamode ADSL wireless router, and it was about £10 cheaper than any where else I could find it.
  3. Kermit75

    Two SD devices on MDA Compact

    that is what i figured, but i have managed to get connected to the net via activesync and now entering this from my phone with bt to my pc which is a room away, and then wifi to adsl, which will do for now. May look for a wifi + memory from someone else, with a reduced height exposed - can wait as bt seems fine.
  4. I'm trying to find if it is possible to have a SD memory card in the slot for the MDA Compact/i-mate Jam, and a seperate Wifi card? Either connected via bluetooth, or the mini-usb connection. I need the memory on all the time, but don't need the Wifi active always - so just plug in the Wifi to surf/access network, don't mind cables everywhere! I've seen the Sandisk 256MB and Wifi, but need more storage and don't want to break the Wifi card. So options are to connect a Wifi device via the mini-usb, if even possible - either with some sort of usb holder, or a USB Wifi dongle. Or some sort of Wifi device which is connected via bluetooth. Perhaps I'm only dreaming that it is possible! Should have got a PDA with Wifi built-in really - but didn't think I would need it at the time!
  5. Does anyone know if it is possible to have a Pocket PC phone (T-Mobile MDA Compact), with Bluetooth to communicate with another device with a Bluetooth dongle (PC/Laptop), and then share that connection to access the network/internet? I don't have Bluetooth dongle on the PC yet, but would much rather use this approach, rather than an SD WiFi card. I'be only just got the phone, so haven't read the manual fully - but it seems possible - perhaps even via Terminal Services client, but that could be over kill! Thanks for any advise!
  6. Belfast-biker - Cool! What software you using the navigation, and if GPS where do you store the device, or is it in backpack? Got any photos of your set-up in a water proof cover?
  7. Belfast-biker - Cool! What software you using the navigation, and if GPS where do you store the device, or is it in backpack? Got any photos of your set-up in a water proof cover?
  8. The software I use is CDex, and the settings are:- BitRate Converter = Windows MP Codec Bitrates= 18Kbit/s, 11,025kHZ Stereo The quality is fine for listening to music while cycling, and in the office. Any setting less than those is in Mono (with the Windows MP Codec), so not even work converting. I have managed to fit 12 CDs into 110MB, with each track taking about 500KB, so it leaves space for some games and pictures.
  9. Using a 128MB card, and I have also just this weekend used CDEX to transfer some of my CDs to the phone, and using a very low sample rate have managed to fit about TEN CDs onto it (each file was about 300kb!). Can't quite remember the sample rate - but it is the lowest without going to Mono, while using the XP/Windows DLL. I can come back with the exact settings tomorrow.
  10. I've been listening to MP3 files through Media Player (with Radio ON mode), and a new battery for about 4 hours and still had two bars left - ran out of music before the battery did!! Also the screen saver is set to one minute - if that helps? This is on a SPV E100 with ROM 1.61.
  11. Just an idea... Might want to download the latest version of ActiveSync. Worth giving it a shot anyway!
  12. Hi, I don't have EmblazePlayer, or MP4FILE. But under MP3FILE the value is Windowswmplayer.exe %1 Hope this helps

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