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  1. Hi all. Help me out a little. I have tried everything (i think). I have installed TomTom MObile 5.2. This works fine, but i get "no GPS unit". So i enable Bluetooth, and add my Holux GR-230 using passkey 6268. I rename this to "TomTom Wireless GPS". But if i start TomTom again it stills says "no GPS unit". When i close TomTom the "TomTom Wireless GPS" is gone from my list of BT units ??? I have tried with both paired and unpaired on the Holux gr-230. Nothing changes. If i rename my gps to "TomTom..." this will disappear if i try to start TomTom. If i dont change the name and let it stay on "Holux GR-230" the unit will still be there after i have startet TomTom. I have also tried to add com-ports (6 and 7) but this gives me an error. Is it possible that these com ports are used to something else ?? Any tip will help. Thanks.
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