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  1. Device Name: Orange SPV C500 Operating System Version: Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition ROM type: Default ROM
  2. CellProfileSwitcher may also be of interest to you. http://maniac.fschreiner.de/content/view/9/18/
  3. No sorry, I meant it needs to have a phone-keypad, i.e. hardware 1-9 buttons!
  4. Just my tuppence worth: I have an Orange SPV C500 and the S740 is pretty much the device I want. Without the QWERTY keyboard. I think that's going to stop me buying it, and ideally I'd like it to be touch-screen.
  5. I'm not a pro at all, but I believe ROMs are not like themes, they are/contain the operating system. I've never flashed a ROM myself (because of that actually, I'm not that brave!), but that's my understanding of it.
  6. My current device: I've been using an Orange SPV C500 since 5 November 2005. I do love it and am waiting for... My future device: ...something like the HTC Touch Dual. The device MUST have GPS and Wifi for it to be a big enough leap for myself. I really wanted the Touch Dual but it failed in these areas. The device also has to have a keypad. Now, I don't mind the Touch Diamond except it doesn't have a keypad, and the S740 looks currently the closest device, only problem is (and this sounds silly) it has QWERTY keyboard and I do not want this. Another negative point about it I guess would be that it's not touch-screen, and therefore not part of the Touch series which I think I'd like as that's a step forward, isn't it?
  7. Two points: Is the 65,536 colours for the screen enough? Years ago, SonyEricsson began to put 262k+ colour screens in there devices (e.g. SonyEricsson K750i), and my parents have a Nokia 6300 which has a 16,000,000+ colour screen. Secondly, especially after Paul's MWg news, I reckon that the Titanium/Raphael could well have Windows Mobile 7. Perhaps this one of the reasons they haven't announced it yet.
  8. I don't think I've seen anyone defend HTC and say that they're not fussed that the Touch Diamond does not have a MicroSD slot, so I will. HTC, for me, your 4GB internal storage is plenty so thankyou for that, and I'd rather that than a MicroSD card slot [as long as when you connect to the computer you can choose whether or not to charge the phone - I look after my batteries by charging them carefully. But even then I only occasionally transfer data between the two]. And I don't mind you removing the camera button (as long as there is one-touch/two RAPID touch access to the camera). Now please give me a HTC Titanium because I'm not buying a Diamond. Thankyou.
  9. How about... HTC Touch Diamond, HTC Touch DD (Dual Diamond), and HTC Touch Cruise Diamond? Or... HTC Touch Diamond, HTC Touch Dual 2, and Touch Cruise 2. (I really don't like the "Pro" bit)
  10. Actually, I might add my tuppence worth here. The same, is what I'm waiting for... I have an Orange SPV C500 which I LOVE(!), and have never thought of getting a PDA as that's not what I'm looking for. But since the Touch Dual came out, I'm happy to go for that one, but I want something revolutionary when compared to mine, so WiFi and GPS are now, a must. The Orange SPV E650 could have fit the bill, had it not got a QWERTY keyboard (why does a smartphone have one anyway?). And actually, the C500 was advertised as "the world's smallest smartphone". Does it still hold this record? I mean, what's with making the fatter "smartphones" (with these slide-out keyboard)? However, my phone must have a keyboard, I don't want a phone without a keyboard! And I want a normal 1-9 one (however I'm willing to go for one of these SureType ones as all reviewers seem to endorse them). At the moment, then, it looks like the HTC Titanium will hopefully be my next phone (if it's not too expensive... :s), and boy willl I have waited a very, very long time for it. :D
  11. I think it looks quite good actually, plus it would make sense as it looks like a "Diamond", and I'm sure it's wouldn't be a problem to hold. My problem is those touch-sensitive keys. I'm not fond of them... They are normally easily accidentally pressed (touched, rather) and more annoying than purposeful.
  12. Is anybody able to attend this HTC event , or is it by invitation only?
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