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  1. The voice plan (i.e. Americas Choice) is just for voice. You would then add a data plan. The unlimited plan is an addition $45-$50 per month. Note that when you sign up for the unlimited data plan, you get a $100 instant rebate on the i600 phone.
  2. You can get an SD card reader at Staple/Office Max/Office Depot for $20ish. Catch it at the right time and get a $10 rebate as well!
  3. i love your ingenuity! what you are doing is way beyon me. if you continue to tweak and get everything working, i would appreciate step by step directions to reproduce it on my phone.
  4. I think it would be nice to know how many of you out there are actually using the i600. If you would, please leave a reply to this post topic so we can get a bit of a headcount. You don't need to say much. Just something like I've got one or I love my i600. Just something so we can all know who each other is. If you want to say more, such as what accessories you have or where you are located or whether your i600 is mostly for personal or for business use, that would be nice. Thanks! As for me, I love my i600. The only accessories I have, other than what came with the phone, is a 256MB SD card and the vinyl protective skins that are sold on eBay. I would like to get a keyboard, but I think $69 is a bit much for something I would probably not use very much. I have added a number of apps. My top 5 favs are PocketTV, PocketMusic, ConnectedBits Weather, AgileMessenger (very cool if you use AIM, Yahoo, MSN, and/or ICQ), and SPVMan (PacMan for those that didn't know). I am located in Maryland (right near the Delaware/Maryland line). I would say that my phine usage is split 50/50 between personal and business. Whenever I make a sale on my website (www.GreatBigStuff.com), my shopping cart sends me an SMS to alert me of the sale. The sound I have on my phone that is associated with SMS messages is a kaching cash register sound. :) I guess that enough bio for the moment. Probably than most of you might even have cared to know. I now hope that you other i600 owners will chime in with a post. Have a great day!
  5. Yes and no. When I processed the movie, I spec the size to be full screen. However, I did not have to rotate it. That function is handled by PocketTV. Adjusting the program's options will determine whether it is played back at the larger size (as I had encodede it) or rotated back and reduced resolution to fit the portrait screen with wasted space. Bottom line answer to you question is 'yes'. I took advantage of the full-scree realestate when I encoded it. But PocketTV does the 90 rotation at time of playback.
  6. IMHO, I don't think the i600 was really that expensive. A good phone with a color screen is as much as $200. That would be with a standard battery. i600 comes with the standard battery, plus a battery worth another $60. Other phones come with a basic A/C charger that plugs into the phone. The i600 comes with a cradle that's worth another $50 or so. Sync for other phones is usually another $20ish, but is included with the i600. The i600 comes with a high quality holster worth another $20ish, rather than a cheap plastic clip included with most phones. The included stereo headset is worth another $20ish. Last, but not least is a 16mb SD card... maybe $15 in value. Put that all togther and you have an i600 package that adds up to $385. Verizon has a deal where you get the package for $400 if you sign up for the unlimited data plan. Sure, I may have added this up using upper-end values, but they aren't that far off. To get something that is cutting edge, it usually costs a bit more. I don't feel ripped off at all. In fact, I went back to the store to tell the salesman that he didn't do the phone justice when he pitched it to me. It is far better than he made it out to be. I am one happy i600 owner.... that's always looking to make it do more :)
  7. You are correct. I guess I had tried it with the speaker only for WMP. I switched to PocketMusic soon after I got the phone. A can't find a similar setting for PM though. :?
  8. I have both, PocketMusic and Windows Media Player on my i600. I would like to use it like an MP3 player. It plays well as long as the flip is open. However, when I close the flip, WM stops playing immediately and PM stops after a minute or so. I want it to keep playing through the speaker (I know, battery hog) and/or through the headset. I have tried various power management setting with no luck. Is there any way to keep the app (PM, preferably) running with the flip closed so I can continue listening to my tunes?
  9. I bought a set of the vinyl cover "skins" from the guy on eBay. Very cool! I chose the "carbon fiber" look. They were easy to apply. The result is much cleaner looking than getting a leather cover. Better yet, if they ever get marked up or scratched, peel off the old one and stick on a new one. He provides 3 sets; 1 black set and 2 sets in the color of your choosing. Each set has a skin for the i600 face, and a skin for each of the two batteries. I highly recommend these. Even if you don't want to drastically change the appearance of the phone, get the light grey (or matte silver if he offers it).
  10. Ok... it is really cool to flip open the i600, press and hold the i button and have the sweet lady to direct me to "please say a command". But... I want to do this while wearing the handsfree headset while the i600 rests comfortably in the fine leather holster. Seem logical that this should be possible to complete the "handsfree" concept. If I can be bothered to remove the phone from my belt, flip it open, and hold the i button, I must be be rather lazy to not just go ahead and dial the number I wish to call. Ok.... that must not be the case. I have simply overlooked something. There is a magic setting that will let me tap the activate button on the handsfree headset or press a button on the holstered phone and I will hear the lovely Janet (or whatever her name is) ask to grant my wish. Somebody please tell me this is possible! Thanks!
  11. This is my first post, so please excuse me if I am overly excited about something that the rest of you find to be lame. But... I installed PocketTV on my i600. I then followed their directions for decoding/processing a DVD. I chose Willie Wonka and the Cocolate Factory because it was on top of my DVD stack. After replacing my SD card with a 2560MB SD card, the 170MB version of Willie Wonka now plays on my SmartPhone! Woo hoo! I stopped by my Verizon store to show the salesman. He was blown away! Has anyone else done other movies?
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