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  1. Thank you for this tool, I was able to unbrick my xolo and put everything in order and after study it is possible to create a custom rom with but it must have a high level of knowledge to arrivé.Et for those who are interresse I put a link to the original rom for all the available xolo http://androidxda.com/download-xolo-stock-rom-models
  2. salut dit moi t'as pu extraire la rom orange avant de l'installer ou peux-être tu as encore le update.zip sur ton phone ? c'est bien la rom orange France que tu as pas celle proposé sur ce forum ?
  3. I want flash ics xolo and ics orange and after ics xolo possible ? Here is a screenshot of my C: \ SanDiego http://img15.hosting...oadbcapture.png http://img15.hosting...diegobatcap.png http://img15.hosting...041erroradb.png
  4. yes when I run the three choices to flash ics xolo, I have a message error device not found by cons if I run the two choices I install files for reboot then starts the update and after some time he puts Installation aborted
  5. hello I installed SanDiego.exe and i put the update.zip orange in the orange folder xolo the update.zip in the xolo and bricked folder and I do not know what I should put in the file system I extract the file system of any zip file system.sandiego.zip=system ?
  6. thank you for your help everything is in order for the status bar, I have just changed the battery icon
  7. when I modify the build.propavec the text editor of dile manager, I choose save and I get the message error during recording, I did, I changed the right file build.Prop
  8. Sorry I explained myself badly after changing the build prop I have shortcuts on the status bar but missing after installing toogles it freezes and frameworks for change is another test I not make changes at the same time there is the message files were not moved, yet the new files have been replaced
  9. Is it possible to integrate the trebuchet launcher in the rom already installed on it rooter san diego
  10. I followed the tutorial to the letter and reboot after each step / 6, I have a bootloop and I must restore the update.zip and re rooting. I use file manager hd and it has root privileges I modified the build.prop file and the result is correct I have more shortcuts in the original status bar but after installing power toogles I had the frozen screen and I restore with update . zip
  11. "Moi je l'ai débloquer en payant 76 euro à orange en juin ,j'ai mis 1mois pour obtenir le bon code car avant il m'ont filé le mauvais code le dernier chiffre était pas bon" I have paid 76 euro unlock orange in June, I put 1 month to get the correct code before because I have spun the wrong code the last digit was not good
  12. I insert my Sdcard in xolo rooter safe and well in file manager I have Sdcard_ext that appears, but if I'm in the parameter storage and I see anything I can to get to safe assets to sd via the file manager https://www.dropbox....08-11-25-01.png
  13. cool I'm on my xolo download ics and after I test the root
  14. I have paid 76 euros for the now unlocked and I use it with my package Free mobile in France I pay 19.99 euros per month and I have phone with europe and the united state canada unlimited voice, SMS, mms and 3g+ internet 3go faire use, p2p, newsgroups,thering modem, voip,
  15. Go locker ics Go launcher ext,go weather widget htc theme,go power master widget and all screen
  16. Good evening I think you made ​​a good job and I would like to help but that's part of the ideas I have no talent in programing. But is it not possible to flash the recovery of san diego with the recovery of k800 as was done with the recovery of the xolo san diego and also to replace the drivers boot.bin radio.bin recovery and modem k800 by those of xolo example. If I'm right for the k800 there is no problem signing the zip
  17. hello I'm sorry for my english low level, but thanks to google translation I can express myself and make myself understood by everyone. I have a question you have managed to rooter whether the san diego. How did you done thank you
  18. I've scraped with a fingernail it's part and without scratches
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