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  1. Isnt the cwm partition size user definable.i cant recall with mine just throw.ing it out there
  2. Partitioning problem with cwm?
  3. Rang zte aust today spoke to the service/tech manager about there veiws on rooting. . He said no for warranty but there was no hard line so it could be decided depending on the problem.. . Interesting. . we spoke about the optus my tab and he had the 2.2 update on his which he was testing.he said that it was going to be released for the my tab soon but couldnt say when.surprised me when i rang how easy it was to get someone inteligent and helpful.the girl on the desk put me straight thru.excellent work Zte. So to anyone scared of bricking/warranty issues 2.2 mightnt be too far away.but i will be flashing as soon as mine is returned.
  4. any ideas if root acess would ever show up after a reset? i would have to refund to get it back....dont want it back now but it might come to that if i want to keep my account running smoothly.....dam you paypal and your item not as described policy.
  5. Hello all have bee watching this since it started.eventually sold my tab a few weeks ago.i have a question.on a rooted mytab with super one click. . . If you factory reset the device will it loose root rights?and will there be any trace of rooting after.since my recovery was never changed from stock and after the reset should it not just go dack to stock ie no root at all.the person who purchased it is now complaining that it has altered.he wants a refund.thought i would check it out before i do so.
  7. its a good little unit for the price.screen is responsive and tab isnt too laggy. happy to help if anyone has probs getting one pm me i will organize it.i live 5 mins from a optus shop can get one direct and post....just need the buy price ($279 aud) and postage covered nothing more.
  8. mine too didnt realize this was a bug/problem......have a aussie optus tab think the batt status was always like this......i remember thinking it needed a percentage readout or somthing.
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