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  1. Update... found an interesting option here I will try: http://www.modaco.com/content/pocket-pc-pr...-mobile-device/
  2. Are you sure? I thought when connected to Activesync, my Kaiser will use the PCs connection? When I have the phone radio disabled and the phone connected via USB I can update the weather info on the today screen, for example. Martin. P.S. Im in Edinburgh too :D
  3. My desktop PC has a broadband internet connection. I would also like to access the internet on my laptop (which has wifi) but my desktop doesnt have Wifi. The desktop PC is connected to the internet through ethernet, so I dont have a spare ethernet connection there. I had the idea of connecting my Kaiser to my PC via USB, and then sharing the connection through the Kaiser wifi using WMwifirouter. I cant figure out how to get it working though, I can only share the GPRS connection. Does anyone know how I could do this? Or is there another good approach? Martin.
  4. Any further news on the Tytn II on Three? I'd like to get one, but preferably not on a business tarriff. Is that possible? If not, how much will I be up for on a 12 month contract with a few hundred minutes and a decent data allowance? The website doesn't really specify that, you need to ask them to contact you I think. Martin.
  5. So it seems my loved app 'CT Sleepwell!' is discontinued now. It really did everything I needed. I wanted to reinstall it after flashing an upgraded ROM, so I'm pretty sad :D Does anyone know where I can download a copy still? (Yes, I know there are paid alternatives, but...) Martin.
  6. Well, I didn’t try make any calls with it still in the glass :( but the screen was still working! I pulled it out after about 10 seconds, and then pulled the battery out to remove power to the phone as quickly as I could. Can anyone help with the torx screw driver size or other information on how to disassemble a HTC vox?
  7. Hi I dropped my S710 in a glass of water! :D I always laughed at people who did things like this, but now its me :D I left it to dry for a few days, and it mostly works apart from the keypad which is acting a bit crazy. Some buttons act like they are stuck down, and activate without me pressing them. It makes using the phone pretty impossible, and I'm scared it will dial 999 by accident!! I want to try strip the phone down, check for any remaining water, and see if I can clean up the keyboard. Can anyone point me at some dissassembly instructions? What size torx screws are used? I need to buy a driver. Any photos of the phone internals or other useful info would be appreciated. Or a service manual :( Anyone tried getting something like this professionally repaired by HTC? Before anyone suggests it - I got the phone from Ebay (new, but not exactly a authorised dealer), so i'm not sure I could even try a warranty claim. Martin.
  8. I have a problem with my V1415 (Vodafone version of Vox/S710) being used on T-Mobile Relax 35. Dial 121 (hold the 1 button), says: Your voicemail access number has now been sent to your phone. Please now switch your phone of, and then on again. The phone receives a text message a minute later, which says: Sender: Pers Network message, please delete! I then switch the phone off, and on, try voicemail again, and get the exact same message. What is the problem here? Can I manually add a voicemail access number? (thought I was meant to dial 121 anyway! Why do I need an access number?!) Martin.
  9. Another T-mobile user here, same problem. I have the Vodafone V1415 variant of the s710. I can turn the power off/on and it fixes the problem, but a few hrs later the problem comes back. Really annoying, because my email doesn't come in when it is in this mode, and Webnwalk seems to stop too. Could it be anything to do with the prefered network settings? Martin.
  10. Hi! Great solution, thanks! I have installed this and it is running just how I want, all from one program, even better! They have some good tools on that site. Thanks everyone for the suggestions! Martin
  11. I have the Vodafone V1415 version of the HTC Vox. I want to find a way to automatically switch on Bluetooth at certain times of the day. (During the time I normally drive to/from work, so I can use my hands free kit in the car. 7am-8am, and then 5pm-6pm. Ideally, it should only be on Mon-Fri too, but I could live without that function). I found one application to do this, WirelessTime, but the developer advised it is not suitable for Smartphones, only PPC. I tried installing it, and indeed, it doesn’t work. Can anyone advise how else I can implement this? Martin.
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