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    got my xda2...

    I too have an XDA 2 and love it to bits. It never leaves my side!!! I have found that if you have Microsoft Works Suite which has Microsoft AutoRoute with the package, it actually comes with another pocket PC programme, pocket streets!! I have since downloaded it onto my XDA 2 and it works a treat!!! :) :( For those of you who live in the UK you will be pleased to hear that the o2 stores are now beginning to stock up on the XDA 2 accessories, such as executive leather pouch, spare stylus's and the thumb keyboard. No sign of the extended back pack yet though :cry: I am sure that will find it's way onto the shelves soon!! :wink:
  2. Hello! I am due to upfrade my phone shortly. I have a Nokia 6610, but fancy a snazzy smartphone. I had a play with the MPx200 today and liked it. Can anyone advise me if it is a good buy and what do i get in the box? I would like an o2 contract. What are the good and bad points of this phone?. Any advice greatly appreciated! :)

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