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  1. Dave Smith

    Touch Diamond 2 Rom

    Has anyone noticed that there is a new ROM for the Diamond 2, on the HTC website? http://www.htc.com/uk/SupportDownload.aspx...2&dl_id=613
  2. Dave Smith

    Free Prepay USB 3G dongle from 3

    Hi paul, yes it does. Shows a couple of bars and 3 network id. It does however recieve text messages. Dave EDIT: Ive figured it out, i disabled the telephony service... which it needs <_< ive reenabled it and its working fine now. Thanks though.
  3. Dave Smith

    Free Prepay USB 3G dongle from 3

    Hi all, When i try to connect with my shiny new usb dongle <_< i get the following message - "The connect attempt failed. Please make sure your settings are correct." Now i havent yet put any credit onto the accout, so im wondering if this is the issue. However when i use another 3 sim card that does have credit i get the same message. Any ideas? Dave
  4. Hi, it would be great if you could do an updated guide to installing OSX on these netbooks.
  5. Dave Smith

    Matrices calculator

    Hi does anyone have any recommendations for a good matrices calculator? Free ideally, but if i found a really good one it would be worth paying for. Thanks anyway. Dave
  6. Hi Tulisan, Problems?? where do i begin. Briefly what setup are you using? partitionwise? and what method are you using to install the extra operating systems. Thanks :D
  7. Anyone had any luck trying a dual boot? I'm not having any luck. :D
  8. Hi, how do you guys find the sound on the wind/advent 4211?
  9. Hi Paul, any idea which stores have it in stock? Thanks.
  10. This is very impressive Paul. I think you have a few of us thinking of selling our eeepcs. One question though. Will boot camp work? I don’t think I could work with OSX alone. Thanks Dave.
  11. I've just been using this. And its fantastic. Works a treat. Would be a good way to control music in a room without having to have a keyboard and mouse, even a screen.
  12. Dave Smith

    Vista Side Show!!!

    Hi, have we all seen this? http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;DisplayLang=en Sorry if this has already been posted.
  13. Dave Smith

    Windows Live for Windows Mobile official download

    I had Pocket MSN installed on my device. Which included messenger. I just installed this new Windows Live and the icon to my existing Pocket MSN was replaced with the new Windows Live one. I therefore had no access to messenger!!! Lucky when i uninstalled it, my Pocket MSN reappeared. :D
  14. Dave Smith

    Serial device

    Hi, do people know if there is a way to connect a serail (RS232) device to the wizard? I know it only has a USB connector but maybe their is another way.
  15. Dave Smith

    Windows Mobile 6 on Vario (T-Mobile)

    Doesn't t mobile already have phones with WM6? like the dash?

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